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About Anti-Slip Tape

Promain supply a range of anti slip tapes that can be used for both interior and exterior environments all of which can be applied instantly with as little hassle as possible. We supply a wide range of anti slip tapes depending on your requirements and we are sure to have the perfect product for you. We have anti slip tape in a range of sizes and colours such as black, safety yellow and glow in the dark to ensure that there is also precaution taken in the area as well as providing an anti slip surface. Health and safety precautions are a very important part of ensuring that employees are working in a safe place and with the anti slip tape you can ensure that you are doing the very best to prevent any slips or falls that may occur.

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  1. Centrecoat Glow in the Dark Safety Grip
    Centrecoat Glow in the Dark Safety Grip

    For application to a range of substrates found in the workplace to provide vital health and safety.

    From £28.01 £23.34
  2. Centrecoat Hazard Safety Grip
    Centrecoat Hazard Safety Grip

    A self adhesive roll of tape that helps you meet the standards set by DDA Regulations and Duty of Care.

    From £28.48 £23.73
  3. Coo-Var AST1 Anti-Slip Tapes
    Coo-Var AST1 Anti-Slip Tapes

    Self adhesive tapes for use on Marina Pontoons, Stairways, Doorways, Changing Rooms, and Ramps, Wood, Metal and concrete surfaces.

    From £52.39 £43.66
  4. Centrecoat H3408 Anti Slip Tape Resilient
    Centrecoat H3408 Anti Slip Tape Resilient

    A non abrasive anti slip material, offering a resilient non slip coating which has a feel similar to rubber but with the advantages of plastic.

    From £15.32 £12.77
  5. Centrecoat Anti-Slip Aqua Safe Tape
    Centrecoat Anti-Slip Aqua Safe Tape

    A non-abrasive self adhesive floor and decking solution ideal for showers, boats and in food safety areas.

    From £11.92 £9.93
  6. Centrecoat Conformable Safety Grip
    Centrecoat Conformable Safety Grip

    Self adhesive aluminium backed conformable safety grip. Used on checker plates or other uneven surfaces.

    From £7.67 £6.39
  7. Centrecoat Safety Grip Tape
    Centrecoat Safety Grip Tape

    Self adhesive anti slip tape, available in a wide range of sizes and colours including fluorescent yellow and clear, cut to order.

    From £12.74 £10.62
  8. Centrecoat Coarse Resilient Anti Slip Tape H3415
    Centrecoat Coarse Resilient Anti Slip Tape H3415

    Perfect for areas that need a non slip surface that is barefoot friendly.

    From £27.55 £22.96

15 Items

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With our great range of anti slip tape you can be rest assured that you are making sure that you have a safe area in which you can work in or live in. Slip hazards are very common and that is why we want to make sure that you take as much precaution as possible to ensure that nobody gets hurt. Promain make sure that we are providing you with a great range of anti slip tapes as we like to make sure that there are anti slip tapes available for use in all types of environments, whether that is for use in wet rooms and shower rooms, slippery stairways such as those made out of metal or steps in a coastal environment which can become very slippery, there are also anti slip tapes that can be used in kitchens that have glazed, tiled floors or stair areas. We also stock a range of glow in the dark and luminescent anti slip tapes that can be used to guide people to the closest exits in the event of a power cut. There are also anti slip tapes that mark out fire exits and keep clear zones. For more information, contact Promain today.

Anti Slip Floor Tape

If you are looking for anti slip tapes then you can’t go wrong with the great range we have available as well as colour options, fantastic quality and prices. Promain understand the importance of taking safety measures in the home and the workplace and that is why we only sell the very best anti slip tapes available on the market.

Every year thousands and thousands of people are injured by trips, slips and falls in the workplace, this is a big cost to their personal health as well as their employers reputation. The majority of these risks will be preventable should non slip tape be used, at Promain we offer a range of anti slip and non slip tapes, they all provide high performance and are designed to keep your workers safe, as well as lowering your company insurance costs. The tapes that we offer work on clean, dry surfaces and won’t curl, tear, shrink, lift or wrinkle, ensuring they’re durable and long lasting. The pressure sensitivity that the non slip tape product uses means that it's also easy to apply the tape with using anchoring.

Our product range comes in a variety so for standard rolls to pre cut treads, our range of non slip tapes are perfect for you and your needs, they also come in a range of sizes, colours and textures, from thick and more durable anti slip tape to fine to medium resilient non slip tapes. Whatever the purpose of the anti slip tape, we got you covered, they’re ideal for bare feet, light foot traffic to wet areas and high traffic places.

Non Slip Grip Tape

The non slip tape products we offer are suited to uneven and contoured surfaces, they can be used on steps and stairs. Ideal for slippery surfaces, our anti slip tapes can be used in places that have high traffic such as industrial areas, pedestrians and light vehicle traffic, including stairs, storage rooms, ramps and ladders. Another brilliant use for non slip tape is the agriculture and forestry industry, as well as ship and place decks, trains, manufacturing and construction firms and use on platforms and ramps.

The Health and Safety at Work area has presented that slips, trips and falls are the most common cause of accidents in the workplace. Stairways, ramps, walkways, machinery, kitchens, showers and changing rooms are all a potential area of risk. This includes slippery surfaces that are caused by water, grease and oil, another big contributor to slip, trip and fall accidents. By using non slip tape, you are not only complying to Health and Safety at Work regulations, you’re also minimising risks, limited costly downtime and reducing financial liabilities.

Self Adhesive Anti Slip Tape

At Promain, we’re specialists in anti-slip tape and provide a range of non-slip tapes that help to provide traction on slippery surfaces where potential slips and trips may happen. With a large selection of anti slip tape available, at Promain we’ll help you find the right non slip tape, a product that suits all of your requirements and specifications. From manufacturing to healthcare, food services, commercial, transport and leisure industries, we offer non-slip tape that will provide an effective, consistent, durable and high level performance. What's more is, at Promain as well as shopping online, we offer a fast delivery service, for more information you can call our Customers Support number or visit the Promain site.

Why Use a Non Slip Tape?

At Promain the range of anti slip and non slip tape that we provide is:

  • High quality, ensuring slip resistance
  • Tough and durable to guarantee a long lasting performance
  • Manufactured with stability and confirmability
  • High performance and pressure sensitive to ensure a easy application