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Metal Cleaners for Preparing the Substrate

Here you will find a range of metal cleaners and degreasers, perfect for aiding in the correct preparation of substrates before they are coated. Within this range, you will find cleaners and degreasers suitable for preparing metal and a range of other substrates.

If you need help finding a cleaning solution to prepare a metal surface, we can help you moving forward. We have a collection of high performance metal cleaners and degreasers, suitable for preparing the surface for your metal paint or coating. Please take the time to browse all products and find the item which best suits you and your project.

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Cleaners and Degreasers for Metal

Promain offer a range of cleaning and degreasing solutions, including products from the likes of Coo-Var, Rust-Oleum and FLAG, just to name a few. We have pre-paint cleaners, oil removers, stain and mark removers and metal renovation products to help you with your project.

Preparing Metal for Painting

When it comes to applying any coat of paint, it’s important to spend time preparing the surface. When the surface has been prepared properly, the coating in question can perform properly to the best of its ability. With a properly prepared surface, you will avoid flaking or peeling when you apply the new coating. You will also be able to make sure all dirt and debris has been removed, thus ensuring a smooth and even surface with no lumps and bumps that may present themselves due to loose material being painted over.

A quality product will also help you to remove marks and stains, such as an oil patch, which would certainly cause a problem if you were to attempt to paint over it.

Cleaning and preparing a substrate prior to painting will help the paint to perform in a number of ways. Asides from the obvious (the way paint looks when dry), a surface which is free from dirt, stains, marks and debris will help the pain to perform as it should, according to the technical data sheet. A surface which is free from grease and oil will also be much easier to coat that a surface which is left un-prepared. If you are still unsure why it is important to prepare a surface properly, we have a number of resources available that highlight the importance of surface prep.

Buy Cleaners and Degreasers Online

Our cleaners and degreasers, can be used to clean metal cladding, concrete floors, steel, swimming pools, brick, stone and a range of other metal surfaces.

Please take the time to browse through our cleaner/degreaser product range to find the item(s) that best suit your needs. If you need any help, please call our technical support team on: 01462 421 333 and ask us any questions you have relating to the products we have and how/where to use them effectively. We will gladly help.