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Promain have a wide range of certified coatings for both internal tank linings and external works. Whether you are looking for coatings for the internals of grain and dry foodstuff silos or for storage of chemicals we have a range of approved products. Promain are proud to supply coatings suitable for use in the petrochemical industry for the transportation and storage of petrol, diesel, jet fuel, gasoline, crude oil and more. We also supply coatings for the inside of ballast tanks.

View our extensive selection of tank linings below from manufacturers including Sika, Sherwin Williams, PPG, International, Jotun and Hempel.

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  1. Fosroc Nitocote EP405
    Fosroc Nitocote EP405

    A two pack gas resistant waterproof coating for waterproofing and protecting concrete structures.

    From £167.29 £139.41
  2. Centrecoat ArmourCoat Epoxy Gloss Wall Coating
    Centrecoat ArmourCoat Epoxy Gloss Wall Coating

    A two part, epoxy wall coating suitable for use alongside resin flooring to provide a continuous seamless finish.

    From £42.44 £35.37
  3. Sherwin Williams Nova-Plate UHS Epoxy Tank Lining
    Sherwin Williams Nova-Plate UHS Epoxy Tank Lining

    An ultra high solids epoxy novolac amine engineered specifically for immersion service in storage tanks.

    From £1,211.76 £1,009.80
  4. Jotun Tankguard SF
    Jotun Tankguard SF

    A two component solvent free amine cured phenolic/novolac epoxy coating. Specially designed tank lining with very good chemical resistance.

    From £396.83 £330.69
  5. International Interline 399
    International Interline 399

    Suitable for internal lining of storage vessels and process vessels at elevated temperatures up to 130°C.

    From £750.17 £625.14
  6. International Interfine 1080
    International Interfine 1080

    A patented technology, high performance, low VOC single pack acrylic polysiloxane finish coat containing no free isocyanates.

    From £969.07 £807.56
  7. International Interline 955
    International Interline 955

    A two part, chemical and abrasion resistant, glass flake reinforced vinyl ester for the internal lining of chemical storage tanks and vessels.

    From £907.67 £756.39
  8. International Interline 984
    International Interline 984

    A two component, solvent free, chemically resistant, heavy duty epoxy phenolic tank lining.

    From £683.42 £569.52
  9. International Interline 925
    International Interline 925

    For application to steel tank internals.

    From £674.08 £561.73
  10. PPG PhenGuard 965
    PPG PhenGuard 965

    A two component, high build, amine adduct-cured novolac phenolic epoxy coating for offshore, marine and chemical / petrochemical sectors.

    From £561.00 £467.50
  11. Tikkurila Temadur 20
    Tikkurila Temadur 20

    A two pack anti-corrosive, semi-matt, polyurethane primer/finish.

    From £46.60 £38.83
  12. Carboline Phenoline 187 VOC
    Carboline Phenoline 187 VOC

    A high solids epoxy tank lining with exceptional chemical resistance. Formulated primarily as a tank lining.

    From £193.50 £161.25
  13. Carboline Carbomastic 18 FC
    Carboline Carbomastic 18 FC

    A fast-curing, heavy duty, high-build anti-corrosive coating for marine and other corrosive environments.

    From £76.02 £63.35
  14. Carboline Carboguard 891 VOC
    Carboline Carboguard 891 VOC

    An ultra high solids epoxy that is designed as a liner for potable water. FDA approved.

    From £387.00 £322.50
  15. Hempel Hemudur Finish 48582
    Hempel Hemudur Finish 48582

    A 2 pack epoxy coating, with good mechanical and chemical resistance. Suitable for bunds and floors at risk of chemical spill.

    From £104.32 £86.93
  16. Hempel Hempadur 85671
    Hempel Hempadur 85671

    A two-component, amine adduct cured phenolic epoxy (novolac) tank and pipeline coating.

    From £264.23 £220.19
  17. PPG NovaGuard 4801
    PPG NovaGuard 4801

    A two component, glass flake reinforced novolac vinyl ester coating for new or old steel with excellent resistance to high temps and solvents.

    From £601.92 £501.60
  18. Jotun Tankguard HB Classic Formerly Tankguard HB
    Jotun Tankguard HB Classic Formerly Tankguard HB

    A 2 part polyamine cured epoxy coating with good chemical resistance formulated for use as a primer, mid coat or finish coat.

    From £254.40 £212.00

Items 1-28 of 37

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