Line Marking Machines

For larger line marking installations in private car parks, schools, churches and other car parking areas where the cost of employing a large lining contractor is prohibitive, we offer line marking application tools and compact line marking machines. These line marking machines offer a faster return to service and more consistent turnaround than hand painting road lines by brush or roller.  

The Centrecoat Line Marking Machine is an easy-to-use economical alternative to the Graco or Wagner line marking machines. These types of machines can cost thousands of pounds, which can be a prohibitive cost if you are just starting out as a contractor. A professional appearance for all types of line marking jobs is easily achieved at an economical cost.

If you prefer you can use an aerosol for a quick maintenance requirement but still offering a consistent finish Promain have researched many line marking machines that use aerosols and we recommend the A.M.P.E.R.E. Line Marking Striper for hard surfaces such as tarmac and concrete. This Line Striping machine is adjustable for lines from 5 to 10 cm wide, although thinner lines from 3 to 5 cm are  also possible. The 2-wheel version where tight turns and manoeuvrability is essential is also available.

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