Centrecoat Line Marking Machine Sponges

Non Hazardous
Centrecoat replacement Sponges for use with the Centrecoat Line Marking Machine.
Available in 2, 3, and 4 inches.
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Product Description

Centrecoat Line Machine Sponges are for replacement and width alteration on the Centrecoat Line Marking Machine.

A pack of 12 Centrecoat Line Machine sponges provide an excellent replacement for worn out sponges used in Centrecoat Line Machine.

Best Uses

Promain appreciates the need for cost effective replacements and spare accessories when, you buy a Line Application Systems. Centrecoat Line Machine Sponges are one of many accessories, which are essential and available for use with Centrecoat Line Machine


Centrecoat Line Machine Sponges are quick and easy to fit and can be purchased in either 2, 3 or 4 inch sizes. The replacement sponges are available in packs of 12.  You will require the correct width dribble bar for the sponges you are using.

Surface and Environment 

Centrecoat Line Machine Sponges are designed for use in Centrecoat Line Machine and can be used for marking out line marking in car parks and hard surface courts.

Technical Details
  • Roller refill sponges available in 2, 3, 4 inch in packs of 12

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