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Damp Proof Paints & Coatings from Rustoleum, Owatrol & Many More

Promain is the UK's leading supplier of damp proof paints and coatings, offering a wide range of damp proofing paint to help you protect your home against damp issues, mould problems and much more.

Regardless of what time of year it is, we regularly receive calls from people asking us for the best product to damp proof the basement or additional areas within their home where residual surface moisture can build u. Because of this, we have made it our business to supply the highest quality of paints for damp and wet walls.

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  1. Mapei Planiseal 88 - Formerly Idrosilex Pronto
    Mapei Planiseal 88 - Formerly Idrosilex Pronto

    Osmotic cementitious mortar suitable for contact with drinking water, for waterproofing masonry and concrete structures.

    From £70.66 £58.88
  2. Zinsser Watertite Basement Waterproofing Paint
    Zinsser Watertite Basement Waterproofing Paint

    Paint for Waterproofing Basements use on Damp and Wet Walls, stops up to 34 lbs of water pressure.

    From £81.41 £67.84

11 Items

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With the various paint options from industry-leading suppliers, such as Rustoleum, Zinsser & Classidur, the choice can sometimes be a difficult one, although each of these brands holds its own key quality. 

We have been in the paint industry for decades and are perfectly positioned to direct you to the best product, as we have seen the pitfalls of using the wrong or inferior product. 

Getting this job done right is never going to be an easy task, yet with all of our products, we keep the application simple and effective every time, making this time-consuming task even simpler. 

Should you be suffering from wet or damp walls we often advise customers to purchase Rustoleum Durbocem or the Zinsser Watertite coatings. However, should you be working with historic buildings such as churches, our guidance would almost always point you in the direction of our Classidur Tradition range.

Damp Proofing your Home -Anti Damp Paints

When it comes to damp proofing your home, there are lots to consider. First of all, the products we sell here WON'T fix your damp problem; you will need to discover the source of the problem and resolve that first. Once you have resolved the damp issue, you can use damp proof paint to prevent further damage and cover up stains, using a breathable coating that will allow moisture to escape through the surface, without leaving a stain behind.

We offer a wide range of paints, suitable for both internal and external walls. To find out the best damp proof paint to suit your needs, feel free to get in touch and speak to the Promain technical department regarding your needs. We will gladly point you in the right direction and talk to you about application procedures.

If you are looking to buy damp proof paint, then look no further, at Promain we can help. We are known for being the UK’s leading paint supplier and our team comes with a wealth of experience as well as being highly skilled in anti-mould paint. When it comes to finding the right paint, should you be looking for brands such as Rustoleum and Owatrol, we’ve got you covered. You can trust that you are in the best hands with Promain, we have got all of your needs covered, should you be looking for paint for a commercial or domestic property. 

Damp Proof Paint for Interior Walls

As a leading supplier of damp-proof coatings, at Promain we provide a selection of specialised paint systems. The paint that we stock ensures only high quality and high-performance paintwork for your internal walls. They are also considered to be the leading manufacturers for a number of our customers across the UK. 

The damp proof paint that we stock is perfect for a range of areas, such as interior walls and ceilings, it is strong and flexible and can be applied to many different surfaces, it is also suitable for commercial, industrial and domestic use.

Exterior Damp Proof Paint

At Promain we are stockists of industry-leading exterior damp proof paint, we offer a range of products at excellent prices, our paints are some of the best products available on the market. At Promain we ensure that the paint that we supply is priced competitively and with this in mind, we aim to stock a large range of products to suit everyone’s requirements. 

Should you need a damp proof coating or paint, we can assist. For more information or our damp proof paint prices, simply take a look at our range of products online, or you can give the team at Promain a call today.

Damp Proof Coatings

All of our paints are of the best quality, we aim to offer the best damp-proof coatings that are available on the market, they have all been produced to the highest standards. When you select Promain as your stockist, expect to receive superior products and customer service. 

What’s more is, at Promain we pride ourselves on the quality of our products as well as the excellent customer service that we offer, we aim to meet all of our customer's requirements, so for more information, or should you have any questions, please call Promain today.

We provide an extensive range of damp proof paint and coatings, there is a whole host to choose from, you’re bound to find exactly what you require. We offer comes in a range of options and this is to ensure that you can create and achieve a damp-free surface. At Promain we are a popular band and known for being a leading stockist of damp proof paint, as well as this, we also aim to offer a large range of types and options. All of the paints that we stock have all been produced to ensure that you receive a freshly painted surface that is fresh and free from dampness. The damp proof paint coatings that we stock aim to protect the surface and improve its durability.

Damp Proof Paint and Coatings UK

If you require damp proof paint and coatings, at Promain the products that we provide are great for damp surfaces, we also offer paints to suit industrial, commercial and domestic damp uses. So whatever your needs we are fully equipped with coatings and paint, we also offer fast delivery so your order can be with you as soon as possible. Should you be unsure of the exact amount of paint that you require, simply call the Promain technical team today, we can answer any queries or questions that you may have regarding our range of paint and coatings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is dampproof paint?

Damp-proof paint has been specially formulated to help protect damp internal walls, this type of paint can be used for several uses such as a primer before painting or as a decorative finish. It is important to remember that damp proofing paint should not be used as a solution to underlying damp problems. Therefore damp should be treated properly before any paint is applied. Should you be concerned about any surface moisture or mould growth, we recommend that you contact a professional. 

How do you apply damp proof paint?

Before you apply your paint, we advise that the area you will be applying it to has been cleaned, this means that any old paint and coatings will need to be removed. The area must also be free from mould and any other debris before application. A mould wash concentrate can is used for this, simply apply the product and scrape away mould or dirt. 

How does dampproof paintwork?

It works by trapping moisture into a building structure, the more you use, the wetter the structure will be because water can get into a building through painting as a gas. When cooled down it will condense into liquid water but it won’t be able to get out because the paint will trap it. 

Why should I choose Promain for dampproof paint?

When in need of damp proof paint, make sure that you call on the professionals at Promain, we are known for being the UK’s leading provider and are home to highly experienced experts. Whatever your needs, whether it's industrial or anti-mould paint for your home, we have got you covered. Should you have any questions or queries, please get in touch with Promain today.