Rustoleum Durbocem for Wet Walls

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For renovation for permanently damp walls, persistant damp flaking stained walls in cellars garages.
Available in 5 and 10 Litres
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£43.95 (£52.74 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Rustoleum Durbocem is a solvent based paint to stop wet, damp and flaking walls in basements and external applications.

Durbocem is a solvent based, plasticized resin, acrylic paint designed for the renovation of permanently damp walls internally and externally. A lot of Homes, Gardens and Basements have Walls that need renovating due to dampness causing damage of a period of time. Durbocem works to tackle the problems of persistent damp, flaking and stained walls. Please note, however, that Durbocem should not be used as a waterproofing product and is not resistant to high pressures of groundwater.

Best Uses

Rustoleum Durbocem Paint for Wet Walls is best used for the renovation of permanently damp walls. Durbocem is the ideal product used to give walls a new look again and rid them of ugly damp spots by building a strong bond with the damp substrate. Durbocem is the perfect damp proofing paint as it also contains cement and is extremely suitable for use on damp chalking surfaces.

  • Builds a strong bond with the damp substrate
  • Can be applied on chalking substrates
  • Builds a strong bond with cement-based substrates
  • Contains cement, and therefore this product is extremely suitable to be applied on damp substrates
  • Can be recoated with Paracem (when the substrate is dry)


Brush off chalking surfaces with a wire brush. Water infiltration leaks must be made watertight with special quick cement by using a hawk or trowel. Let it harden. To ensure homogeneity, coating material should be thoroughly stirred prior to use.


Rustoleum Durbocem for Wet Walls is designed for use in Basements primarily but can be used to renovate a whole host of other damp surfaces. Durbocem can be used on plaster, masonry, damp walls in wash rooms, cellars, garages and chalking surfaces, fences and garden walls.

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