Mapei Silexcolor Mineral Silicate Masonry Paint

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Mapei Silicate based, vapour-permeable Mineral Silicate Masonry Paint for cement or lime based renders.
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£121.84 (£146.21 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Mapei Silexcolor Mineral Silicate based masonry paint that is breathable and vapour-permeable. A protective masonry paint for cement or lime based renders in interiors and exteriors.

Silexcolor Paint is a one-component modified potassium-silicate-based paint with selected fillers and pigments resistant to natural light for internal and external vertical surfaces.

Best Uses

Mapei Silexcolor system is recommended for the painting of porous vertical interior or exterior surfaces where protection against atmospheric agents is required
(rain, frost) along with high vapour permeability. Mapei Silexcolor is ideal for painting of Mape-Antique renders, painting of cement- or lime-based renders and painting of de-humidifying renders.

After the silicatisation reaction, Silexcolor Paint forms a single body with the substrate and fixes the elements which make up the paint with no risk of peeling. Once it has completely dried, Silexcolor Paint forms a dressing coat without forming a surface skin and which is permeable to vapour. Silexcolor Paint has excellent resistance to ageing, freezing weather conditions and de-icing salts and surfaces treated with this product have a very low capacity of attracting dirt. Surfaces to be painted with Silexcolor Paint must first be treated with Silexcolor Primer.


Substrates must be sufficiently cured and dry and treated with Silexcolor Primer or Silexcolor Base Coat. The surface to be applied must be thoroughly clean and sound. Completely remove all dirt, dust, grease, oil, and saline efflorescence by sanding, sandblasting or with a high-pressure water cleaner.

Very important: substrates must be totally free from old paint residues. Wait until the surface is completely dry. Cover adjacent areas that are not to be coated (windows, doors, tiles, etc.). Apply a coat of Silexcolor Primer or Silexcolor Base Coat and once dry (after 12 to 24 hours) apply Silexcolor Paint. Dilute Silexcolor Paint with 20% Silexcolor Primer and mix with a drill at low speed until completely homogenised. To prepare partial quantities Silexcolor Paint should be first mixed as described above rather than removing a partial amount from the original container.

Silexcolor Paint can be applied by conventional techniques: brush, roller or spray over dry Silexcolor Primer or Silexcolor Base Coat. At least two coats are necessary for thorough coverage, one applied 24 hours after the other at normal temperatures and humidity, and in all cases when the underlying layer is completely dry.

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