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Promain are able to offer the full range of paints specified by the Highways Agency known as Item numbers, these are paints that have been tested and approved for the Highways Agency providing them with a quality controlled range of products from manufactures such as PPG Sigma formally known as Ameron, Amercoat, Mebon and Mebopro. Other manufactures such as Leigh’s Paints who have now been acquired by Sherwin Williams, 3M, Hempel, Jotun, and Dacrylate Paints also offer a range of coatings that fit the Highways Agency criteria,

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  1. Jotun Jotamastic SF
    Jotun Jotamastic SF

    A two component epoxy mastic coating for repair and maintenance.

    From £519.66 £433.05

  2. PPG SigmaShield 460
    PPG SigmaShield 460

    A two component high solids glassflake reinforced polyamine adduct epoxy coating Highways Approved Item No.123

    From £464.40 £387.00

  3. Hempel Hempadur Multi-Strength GF 35870
    Hempel Hempadur Multi-Strength GF 35870

    A self-priming epoxy with good impact and abrasion resistance. BBA Cert. no. 08/H135-PS1. Highways Approved Item No.123.

    From £380.20 £316.83

Items 1-28 of 55

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