About Hempel

Hempel Paints are a world leader when it comes to manufacturing of decorative, marine, container, yacht and industrial coatings and with 24 factories, 48 sales offices and 10 Research and Development laboratories and over 500 staff worldwide you know that you are dealing with one of the very best manufactures when it comes to paints. Here at Promain we are very proud to be a distributor of Hempel Paints as we know that they provide high quality and high performance products time after time and have proved themselves to be a very trustworthy manufacturer.

Hempel Paints provide a very diverse range of paints and coatings that have been used in a wide variety of environments such as hospitals, bridges, ships and residential properties. Hempel have a main focus on corrosion protection for steel to protect against atmospheric corrosion caused by rain or sea water in the form of anti fouling. Hempel have also developed water bourn coatings that are forging new markets to help customers cut fuel consumption and costs as well as reduce emissions and hit ever increasing environmental targets. 

Another market that Hempel are working their way in to is low solvent paints that are suitable for the DIY market in a multitude of colours as well as an increase in product range for the yacht owner. As part of their commitment to correct practices in painting, Hempel have set up workshops and training sessions to train their staff, distributors and contractors. For read our full Hempel paint review listings, view each individual product above.