Class R3 Approved

Class R3 High build repair mortars are medium strength repair mortars. Class R3 Mortars are suitable for interior and exterior surfaces with mortar possessing medium mechanical performance requirements.

Class R3 Mortars are suitable for the repair of degraded concrete surfaces, corners of pillars and beams and balconies. Class R3 Mortars are also used to repair the damages caused by rusted reinforcing bars. You can also use them for repairs to diaphragms and tunnels, concrete linings for canals and hydraulic projects. They are even suitable for filling of rigid joints.

These repair mortars can be hand applied for smaller repairs with a trowel, or machine applied with wet spray equipment allowing for fast and efficient application for larger projects. If required, these products can be painted over, or we have colour washes which help with ‘invisible’ repairs.

If you have any specific requirements, please contact us where we will be happy to help.

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  1. Ronacrete RonaFloor HB200
    Ronacrete RonaFloor HB200

    A solvent free, high build epoxy floor coating for concrete and polymer modified screeds. Rated FeRFA Class 3.

    From £149.40 £124.50
  2. Fosroc Renderoc Primer
    Fosroc Renderoc Primer

    A 2 pack high performance Polymer / Cement Slurry Bonding agent.

    From £36.66 £30.55
  3. Mapei Mapegrout T40
    Mapei Mapegrout T40

    A medium strength (40 MPa), shrinkage-compensated, fibre reinforced, thixotropic mortar for concrete – class R3.

    From £33.74 £28.12
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