Mapei Mapemortar HB R3

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Medium strength, high build repair mortar for repairing concrete.
Available in 25kg bags
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Product Description

Mapei Mapemortar HB R3 is a medium strength high build repair mortar that meets EN 1504-3 R3 classification.

Best Uses

Mapei Mapemortar HB R3 is best used for repairing damaged concrete surfaces in overhead, vertical and horizontal situations, where a medium strength high build mortar is required.


  • Repair of damaged concrete surfaces, corners of beams, columns and other concrete members damaged by corroded steel.
  • Repairs to bridges, culverts and diaphragms etc.
  • Repairs to concrete walls and tunnel linings.
  • Repairs to concrete segments.
  • Repairs to balconies and soffits.


Remove degraded and damaged concrete until the substrate is solid, resistant and rough. Any previous repair work that is no longer thoroughly bonded should be removed. Gritblast the concrete and reinforcing bars to ensure any corrosion is removed as well as any dirt, concrete laitance, grease, oils or coatings. Saturate the substrate with clean water. Before repairing with Mapemortar HB R3, wait until the excess water has evaporated. To facilitate this the use of compressed air may be required. A slurry made from Mapemortar HB R3 could be used if it is not possible to pre- soak the substrate.

The Mapemortar HB R3 can be applied by trowel or by gloved hand on vertical surfaces or overhead situations with or without formwork to a depth of 70mm per layer. Reinforcing bars should be treated with Mapefer or Mapefer 1K before applying the Mapemortar HB R3. Where required apply a second layer of Mapemortar HB R3 before the previous layer has cured. The complete system calls for smoothing with Planitop 200, Monofinish or Mapelastic and then protecting with Elastocolor Paint.

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