Flat Roof Primers

About Flat Roof Primers

Promain UK Limited offer you a range of Flat Roof Primers to be used on Flat or corrugated roofs to aid adhesion. We have a range of different primers available for use on different surfaces, Felt, Bituminous, Asphalt or Asbestos Corrugate Sheets are among the surfaces that we recommend you use these primers on. Primers are essential for roofing that has been exposed to bad weather or is likely to be. The Primer creates a fantastic foundation before you finish the job off by applying a waterproof covering. 

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Rubber Roof Primer

Promain supplies you with flat roof primers that are  innovative solutions to your roofing problems. With a wide range of repair coatings and protective paints, we know you will find a product that is suitable for you. Whether you are working on the renovation of an existing building or working on a completely new project, we have the right paints and primers for you. Flat Roof Primers are essential in the adhesion of a paint coating by creating a bond between the roof coating and the surface of the roof. However, a Roof Primer should never be used as a substitute for proper roof membrane preparation. Before applying the roof primer, the surface should be completely clean and dry to offer you the perfect result. 

Once your Flat Roof Primer has been applied, you shouldn’t wait long before applying a surface coating, this ensures optimum performance. Our team of experts are always on hand to offer you exceptional advice on the use of primers and other paint coatings. We have decades of experience and extensive knowledge in Roofing Primers. So if you are unsure about any of the products we have on offer, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

EPDM Rubber Roof Primer

At Promain, we are home to a large selection of EPDM rubber roof primer and rubber roof primers, these products are also great when it comes to roof protectors, sealers and sealants, all of which can be used on many different roofs and roofing. We make it our aim to make sure that we have rubber roof primers and products that are suitable for all of our customers as well as their roofing requirements, our EPDM rubber roof primers are suitable for use in different roofing surfaces. So whatever your requirements, at Promain we are always fully stocked up with EPDM roof primers, what’s more is we also aim to offer a quick delivery service. So if you are unsure of the type of roof primer that you require, don’t worry, at Promain our experts can always be on hand to assist. For any queries that you may have about our flat rubber roof primer, do not hesitate to get in touch. If you don’t know of the exact EPDM rubber roof primer that you require, simply call on the team at Promain today, our expert technicians can always be on hand to help you find the right flat roof primer. Make sure that you call today.

Primer for Rubber Roof

Promain makes it their aim to provide our customers with products that get the best results, our rubber roof primers are all highly effective and are great for a range of EPDM roofs and rubber roofing. Should you have any questions regarding the rubber roof primers that we stock, please do not wait to contact our technical support team today, they are always on hand to provide help. The range of roof primers we offer can be used on many different roofs, roofing surfaces and types of roof tiles, even when it comes to areas that are heavily coated and are covered in debris, our range of rubber roof products has got you covered. The roof primers that we stock are both durable and tough and will make sure that your roof looks great. When in need of rubber roof primers, Promain are the team to call on, for more information on the range of rubber roof products that we provide, or should you require any assistance call Promain today. Our team of technical experts provide a collection of roof primer products and can help with any queries that you may have. When you choose Promain, it couldn’t be easier to choose from and select a product online, so if you are in need of rubber roof primers, make sure you call on the expert team at Promain today.

Why Choose Promain Paints For EPDM Rubber Roof Primers?

At Promain we only supply the best range of high quality roof primers and rubber roof primers, we aim to make it our priority to provide our customers with only the best selection of roof primer products available on the market. We also make sure that we offer high quality roof primers that can be used to completely transform your roof surface, we can also make sure that we supply our customers a range of special surface rubber roof primers that come in a range of options. When it comes to rubber roof surface primers, we offer a whole collection that is suitable for different exterior areas. So whatever your needs, consider our collection of roof primers today, all of the products that we offer are cost effective and durable, they also come in a large range that is great for use on many roof areas. At Promain we offer a large range of roof primer products that are suitable for use on both commercial and domestic roofs. We provide roof primers that can be used by businesses or by people who want to do it themselves. So when searching for rubber roof primers, you should choose a company that is an expert in roof primers or you're someone that wants to renovate your roof. Take a look at collection of professional products we have online, all suitable for roof priming.


Why choose Promain for rubber roof primers paint?

At Promain, we supply a large range of roof primer products, this includes a range of EPDM primers and rubber roof primer products, all of which are suitable for maintenance and repair. The products that we stock can be used on a variety of rubber roofs and we aim to make sure that we have roof primers that are suitable for all of our customers and their needs as well as providing an effective application. We supply a range of roof repair primers across the UK and our products have all been sourced to the highest standards. What's more, is we only offer industry-leading primers, so you can trust that you’ve come to the right place for roof primers when you choose Promain.

How long do roof primers last for?

This will depend on a number of factors including the type of roof that you need primer for, as well as the type of product you decide to use. At Promain, when it comes to being in need of EPDM roof primers, we aim to ensure that you choose from the great range that we provide, all of our rubber roof primers have been sourced from only the very best brands in the industry. We will also aim to make sure that our customers receive the best products for a long lasting rubber roofing, if you have any questions about the products or their long lasting ability or if you are unsure of which product would be best for you then please don’t hesitate to give our team a call today. At Promain one of our colleagues can always be on hand to help and discuss our products with you.

What is the best rubber roof primer?

At Promain we aim to provide some of the best rubber roof primers that is available on the market. We are leading UK suppliers of primers, paints and coatings and our primer products include industry certified products that aim to offer the best durability and surface protection. When it comes to finding rubber primers that can withstand the conditions that come with roof areas, at Promain we understand that is a difficult task, and with this in mind, our expert team aims to make it simple for you. With years of experience in providing roof primers, you can rest assured that both our knowledge and products are the best.

How do I buy roof primer from Promain Paints?

When you are roof primers or roofing primers ensure to check out Promain Paint. We are known for being the UK’s leading primer supplier and our expert team have a wealth of experience as well as years of knowledge when it comes to all types of roof primers. So should you be looking for roof primers or roofing, you can trust that we have all of your needs and requirements covered. Should you be looking for a primer for a rubber roof or EPDM roof, when you choose to buy your products from Promian you can rest assured that all of our primers will be value for money.

Why should I use a EPDM rubber roof primer?

Using a EPDM or rubber roof primer will help to prevent a range of conditions that can affect your roof as well as add to the degradation and disintegration of roofing that can happen over time. Using wroof primers will help to protect the rubber surface from the weather. Roof surfaces that have been preserved and maintained with primer will ensure that the roof lasts the test of time. For more information on the EPDM roofs that we stock, feel free to get in touch with Promain today.