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Promain can specify Thin Coat Render a tintable Colour Through Render applied in a single-coat. They are breathable, waterproof and decorative colour render. Suitable for a range of properties, including park homes, listed buildings and more. These thin coat renders are flexible easy to apply coatings that are more cost effective than Monocouche Render.
Products include render systems from two of the industry leading brands; Keim and Mapei.

Take the time to view the different renders we have available and contact our technical support team if you require any advice on the different systems we have available.

Keim Render Systems

Keim Render Systems

Mapei Render Systems

Mapei Render Systems

General purpose render is a thin coat render for internal and external use. MapeWall GPR is part of one coat render system from Mapei. This easy to apply external render can used for rendering outside walls as well as an internal render. GPR is regularly used for levelling internal and external masonry substrates. GPR is a grey powder composed of cement, selected aggregates and special synthetic resins. It is mixed with water making it ideal as an external render for façades and houses.

Mapei Planitop 200 is a fine-grained, natural-finish skimming layer for internal and external concrete. Planitop 200 is used for rending external walls, rendering on lightweight blocks, external render on solid wall, external render on blockwork as well as render on boards and smooth surfaces such as ceramic tiles, glass, porcelain or lime-mortar.

A question we are often asked is, can you skim over external render?

The answer is yes, providing the surface is sound and clean. To prevent your external render cracking, an alkali-resistant fibre glass mesh can be embedded into your scratch coat. This will stop new external render cracking.

So why does external render crack? This is often caused by different substrates that expand and contract at different rates. We are often asked how to fill external render cracks or how to repair external cracks. This is best done by raking out the crack until it’s about 2mm wide and fill with a flexible filler such as Rustoleum Elastofill acrylic jointing compound.

Can you paint external render?

Which is the best masonry paint for render and how to paint external render? If you have used a thin coat render such as the KEIM Universal Render, then we would recommend a masonry paint such as Keim Granital a mineral silicate-based paint. Alternatively, use Mapei Elastocolor a highly flexible masonry paint. Both these and many other of our masonry paints are simply applied by brush and roller.

How to clean external render?

The use of a fungicidal wash such as Centrecoat GS36 can be applied to the exterior wall this will eradicate the green algae and we recommend that this is carried out before any new coating be it a paint or a thin coat or silicone thin coat render is applied.

Mapei Elastocolor Tonachino Plus is a self-coloured acrylic render that resists green algae growth. It also provides an extremely durable elastomeric finish. If you are unsure of the colour you require please look at our colour chart page for an external render colour chart.

What if I am looking for an external render for pebble dash?

If you have a house that currently has a Pebble Dash, Rough Cast or Slap Dash Render which external render is used to create a smooth finish? Rather than removing external render to expose brickwork and then applying a sand and cement render, your exterior wall rendering can be achieved by applying a coat of Mapetherm AR1 GG. This is a high build render that can be applied to your existing render. Overcoating is then carried out using Silancolor paint. This will produce a smooth finish in any colour you require. Alternatively, Mapei Silancolor Tonachino can be applied to provide an attractive finish with a slight texture.

Render Systems

Promain has extensive knowledge in regards to masonry and industrial coatings, including render systems that have been specially formulated for the protection and decoration of park homes, static caravans, welfare units and more.

Mapei Render Systems

Mapei’s render systems include the Mapetherm AR1 GG and the Planitop 200.

Mapetherm AR1 has been formulated for bonding all types of thermal-insulating panels (such as foam/extruded polystyrene, foam polystyrene, mineral fibres, cork, wood fibres, etc.) directly onto render, masonry and concrete on walls and ceilings.

Planitop 200 is a one-component, fine grained, water-repellent, cementitious skimming mortar for concrete, plastic, glass and porcelain surfaces offering a fine, natural finish.

Keim Render Systems

Keim Universal Render and Fine Render are among them most popular products within this range.

Keim Universal Render has been formulated as a renovation and thin layer render system, comprising hydrated lime, pozzolanic additives, sand and mineral fibre fillers. Designed for facade rendering and renovation/repair of sound existing renders for both interior and exterior areas.

It’s ‘fine’ counterpart comes with a small amount of organic additives and fibre reinforcement, for use on mineral substrates also. Keim Universal Fine Render can also be used for filling cracks internally and externally.

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If you are looking for a company that specialises in external render systems, we can help you moving forward. We have a wide range of products available to suit a range of requirements.

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