KEIM Universal Render

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Formulated as a renovation and thin layer render system comprising hydrated lime, pozzolanic additives, sand and mineral fibre fillers.
Available in 25 Kg bags
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Product Description

Keim Universal Render has been formulated as a renovation and thin layer render system comprising hydrated lime, pozzolanic additives, sand and mineral fibre fillers.

Best Use

Keim Universal Render is a standard render to DIN EN 998-1, mortar category CS III. For façade rendering and renovation/repair of sound existing renders (including synthetic resin renders) and sound existing paint coats (including synthetic resin paint coats) for interior and exterior areas.

Renovation and repair of sound existing renders, sound existing paint coats and for filling of cracks. Suitable for interior and exterior use. KEIM Universal Render can be used as a base coat for KEIM Brillantputz and for subsequent decoration using KEIM Mineral Paints.


Test substrate for load carrying capacity. Remove loose parts and old coats mechanically or with a water pressure jet.

Mix in the ratio of 1kg KEIM Universal Render to 0.24 litres of clean cold water (approximately 6 litres per 25kg bag) using a mechanical stirrer or plaster mixing machine/sprayer, e.g. Putzmeister or similar. Apply to pre-wetted surfaces in layers from 4mm minimum to 10mm maximum. For subsequent applications do not scratch up between coats and leave for a minimum period of at least 12 hours between coats.

KEIM Glassfibre Reinforcing Mesh may be incorporated, if required, by pressing into newly applied KEIM Universal Render. When incorporating mesh, apply a first layer of KEIM Universal Render, flatten the fabric (with an overlap of 10cm) and apply the second layer of KEIM Universal Render. Finish off using a float appropriate to the required surface finish (i.e. sponge faced float such as KEIM Hydro Sponge Float).

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