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Promain supply a quality range of solar reflective paints for tiles and flat roofs, available in white, aluminium and silver finishes. The coatings themselves are designed to reflect sunlight from flat roofs, protecting the surface from becoming damaged by heat or UV light. Once dry, the solar reflective paint will reduce heat build-up in the rooms and areas below, protecting against high temperatures in areas exposed to lots of sunlight.

Solar reflective roof paint can also help to prolong the life expectancy of bitumen roof felt by reducing the surface temperature. This means that the asphalt will be less prone to movement, and thus, less likely to become damaged over time. Below, you will find solar reflecting paints and coatings from the likes of Rustoleum (Dac Hydro Alu), Coo-Var (Q253), Centrecoat (Silver Solar Reflecting Paint) and Blackfriar (Solar Reflective Roof Paint).

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  1. Bedec Superflex Elastomeric Coating for Roofs and Walls
    Bedec Superflex Elastomeric Coating for Roofs and Walls

    A flexible high build elastomeric seamless waterproof membrane. Also available in a Solar Reflective finish.

    From £36.71 £30.59
  2. Blackfriar Solar Reflective Roof Paint
    Blackfriar Solar Reflective Roof Paint

    Designed to reflect and dissipate heat and sunlight on roofs.

    From £61.36 £51.13

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Solar Reflective Roofing Paint

Rustoleum Dac Hydro Alu is an easy to apply, water-based, solar reflective roof coating, offering 350% elasticity. This means you will benefit from greater adhesion to the substrate, especially during the freeze/thaw cycle.

When freeze thaw occurs, the rock or surfaces that have been exposed to elevated levels of weathering are subject to crack, erode or break down. When water becomes trapped in the damaged rock, it’s only a matter of time before the temperature drops below freezing and the water turns to ice. The water then expands by up to 10%, putting extra pressure on the rock. When the temperatures rise again, the ice will melt, leaving a larger crack for water to re-enter. The process then repeats itself until the crack eventually causes the rock to break or shatter, simply from a tiny amount of water ingress.

Because of the overwhelming outdoor conditions, it’s important to choose a protective roof coating that will prevent any kind of roofing damage, during both the sizzling summer and cool winter months. Whether you are looking to protect against solar damage or the freeze thaw cycle, we offer an extensive range of protective flat roof paint coatings and heat reflective roof paints that will serve you well for many years to come.

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Whether you are looking for silver, white or aluminium solar reflective paint, Promain can point you in the right direction. We have products here suitable for a range of roof types and applications, including paint coatings designed for use on roofs, stable roofing felt, concrete, wood and brick, in environments that are exposed to sunlight and high temperatures on a frequent basis.