About Line Marking Paint

Industry Standard Paint for Marking Lines

Promain are one the UK's leading suppliers of high performance line marking paints, available for a range of surfaces and substrates, including concrete, grass, tarmac and hard wood floors. Our line marking range includes water based, solvent based, epoxy and chlorinated rubber paints, as well as thermoplastic and sprayable aerosol paints for marking lines.

If you are searching for indoor or outdoor line marking products, we will surely have a solution here to meet your requirements. We have systems here for marking lines on roads, grass, car parks, football pitches, sports halls, cycle lanes and playgrounds, just to name a few.

Line Marking Colours

Whether you are looking for white or yellow line marking paints, we have a range of products here for you to choose from. Browse through the different options we have available and select the product(s) and the colour(s) you need.

We have carefully selected our product range to offer a cost effective solution for marking out straight lines on roads, car parks, playgrounds, motorways and grass surfaces. Regardless of where you need to mark boundaries or borders, we will have the perfect line marking paint and thermoplastic line solutions to cater for any project.

Marking Lines

Those in charge of maintenance understand what is required to maintain a sports pitch or the roads of Britain. Over time, lines can become worn out, which might happen at a quicker rate if the lines are exposed to constant foot or road traffic. It's important for you to choose a product that's right for you and the surface you are coating. With that in mind, we have supplied you with the very best line marking paints for roads, sports pitches and a whole host of other areas.

Promain regularly supply local government agencies and major sports grounds with the line marking paint for their projects. Rest assured that we will have a quality system here to help you mark lines effectively.

Effective, Durable and Accurate Line Marking

Water-based acrylics, chlorinated rubber line-marking paint, single-pack epoxy line-marking paint and two-pack epoxy line-marking paint, in yellow, white, red, blue, green and black are ideal not only for highlighting demarcation areas, but also for the edges of steps and ramps. These coatings are generally very fast-drying, durable and most of them are highly chemical resistant with the whites and yellows offering high reflective values. These products are ideal for use on UK highways in most instances and are very popularly used in private car parks that are maintained generally by in-house maintenance crews.

We offer a range of machines for marking accurate lines, compatible with both paints and aerosol cans.

Fast Dry Line Marking Products

We have rapid-drying line marking solutions (ideal for use on the London Underground Network) replacements for 3M Scotchkote's LXF897, available in white and yellow. This extraordinary product can be applied directly onto a mineral substrate or, in some cases, over a suitable primer. In most cases, this product can be applied directly over existing lines and is certainly the preferred line-marking paint for the London Underground and other railway industries. This is primarily because of its rapid-drying and curing capabilities. These properties mean that lines can be marked during engineering hours where the extra-fast curing of the product is essential. In a lot of cases, 6 hours is the maximum amount of time available for engineers to clear the work. This means the paint coating has to be applied and cured, ready to accept tens of thousands of people walking over it on a daily basis.

As with all products found on the Promain website, line marking paint can be purchased in quantities of 1 and upwards, meaning no bulk orders are required in order to get the paint you need.

Line Marking Spray

Should you be looking for spraypaint to mark your lines then you have come to the right place. We have a range of line marking sprays available to buy, providing a high quality and mess proof tool. Simply use line marking spray paint to draw the line you require. The line marking sprays from Promain come in a variety of colours and can be used on a range of services from walls, floors, roads and grass. For quality and cost effecting line marking solutions, buy from Promain.

What Paint Do I Need for Marking Lines?

If you are unsure which line marking paint would be best, factoring in foot and road traffic, environment and the surface in question, we'd encourage you to get in touch. Our highly experienced paint team can run you through your line marking options, talking about line marking machines and solutions to help you make an informed decision.