Fast Curing Line Marking Paint for the London Underground

Maintenance of our capital’s underground transport system is an ongoing process. With constant ongoing improvements throughout the network and high volumes of foot traffic, the logistics of carrying out any maintenance projects undoubtedly involve considerable attention to detail.

Add to this the fact that any paint or coating used within the busy underground environment should not only be of a quick drying nature, but non-flammable too.

Section 12

Since the Kings Cross underground fire in 1987, any products and materials used on maintenance projects are restricted and have to comply with ‘Section 12’ Underground Criteria.

Any paint or coating that has already ticked the ‘comply with Section 12 criteria’ box, must also be non-flammable, hard wearing and capable of drying quickly – ready for the influx of passengers the next morning.

The majority of maintenance work is only carried out when the network shuts down. This is usually in the early hours of the morning (termed as engineering hours). Time is of the essence and specialist paints and coatings are absolutely imperative.

3M Products

Promain are suppliers of Paints and Coatings that are transport industry approved. The 3M Scotchkote LXF897 Liquid Line Marking Paint is a prime example of a paint or coating that’s a member of the Network Rail/Railtrack Section 12 approved products.

When 3M Scotchkote LXF897 Liquid Line Marking Paint is applied to a platform or rail network surface, a return to service is possible in 1½ hours. Scotchkote LXF897 has been specifically developed to be a fast drying coating. This eradicates the possibility of return to operation disruption.

Fast curing products, such as the Scotchkote LXF897, are often supplied in small packs. This is because of the limited time available for the application process.

3M Scotchkote LXF897 includes a base paint and hardener. This product is sold in two separate tins. Mixing the tins initiates a chemical reaction and the paint starts to solidify. This process takes about 20-25 minutes (and is known as the pot life). Certainly not long, if you have a large area to paint – hence the smaller size of container. However, the 1.5 litres this pack is supplied in, is enough to cover approximately 7 square metres.

All in all, a fine example of good things coming in small packages!

London Underground Line Marking Paint
London Underground Line Marking Paint

Due to the research and development involved in producing paints and coatings for the challenging rail and underground environment, the creation of Scotchkote LXF897 Liquid Line Marking Paint offers a high quality solution, whether for above or underground applications.

Bearing this in mind, a busy production facility or warehouse, where a prolonged shut down is not possible, offers another good example of where fast drying paints is a great solution.


For more information on any of these products, please contact the Promain Office (Tel: 01462 421 333) for more information and assistance.

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