Garden Deck Paint: Preparation, Application & Maintenance Guide

Garden Deck Paint

As an in depth selection of articles, Promain would like to introduce the benefits of deck paint, deck stain, deck oils and more. In this first article, we would like to discuss the importance of the preparation, application and maintenance of garden deck paint.

If you are looking to change the colour of your wooden decking and make it last, these three processes are vital when getting a lasting finish from your garden deck paint.

Qualities of Garden Deck Paint

Garden deck paint is ideal for many end users. Due to the thick coating of paint, a hard wearing coating will provide long lasting performance even in areas of high foot traffic. Depending on the garden deck paint used, some manufacturers offer a guarantee of 5 years against flaking and blistering on horizontal surfaces. Also as garden deck paint requires to handle the intense use of foot traffic, it can also be used on other exterior woods. This means you can colour theme any other wooden structures in your garden such as wooden fencing, wooden cladding, wooden deck steps and balustrade.

Depending on the garden deck paint used, main qualities include:

  • The ability to change the colour of your deck to keep up with styling
  • Many products include anti-slip deck paint qualities
  • Lots of garden deck paints can be used on both hardwood and softwood decks

Alternatively, deck stain tends to leave the warmth of wood grain effect without the intense covering that garden deck paint offers. We will discuss the benefits of deck stain vs garden deck paint in a following article.

How To Prepare Decking For Deck Paint

We are often asked how to stop deck paint from peeling. If your old deck paint is peeling it usually comes down to one simple issue. Preparation is key, therefore it is vital that customers or contractors do not cut corners when getting your deck ready for paint. Promain understand restoring your deck can be a tiring, long winded task. But why is my deck paint peeling? Usually, it is either to algae and residual dirt within the wood deck boards not being properly removed.

Without thoroughly cleaning, the fungi will be allowed to grow effectively pushing the paint away from the surface. This will cause bubbles of paint as the fungus breathes which can cause the paint to bubble. Therefore, incorrect preparation can lead to issues such as deck paint peeling. Excess moisture in the timber often is caused by not allowing the decking to dry thoroughly before applying the new coating.

Understanding that, we have brought together the best and most efficient products on the market to give you the best deck paint finish that will be resistant to weathering and UV degradation.

Promain Deck Paint CleanerOsmo Deck Cleaner Brush

Osmo have specially designed a decking cleaning brush available from Promain. Perfect for cleaning wooden decks, this stiff brush that can be attached to a pole and used with Osmo Decking Cleaner 8025 and/or the Osmo Wood Reviver Gel 6609.

Osmo Reviver Gel

Formulated for restoring weathered and aged timber, Osmo‘s Reviver Gel is ideal to recover greyed external wood. Due to it’s consistency, this product can also be used on vertical surfaces such as balustrade, step risers or cladding. Promain’s technical team recommend this powerful product is used before re-application of finishing Osmo deck paint of choice.

How To Apply Deck Paint

When To Apply Deck Paint?

Many people ask what temperature to paint decks, when really the whole weather situation should be taken into account. Many customers attempt to get their garden decks ready for Summer by painting their deck in Easter. Although this may seem ideal, as shown this Easter the weather has been appalling for external painting! The Promain technical team recommend to allocate approximately 5 – 7 days from start to finish to have your deck paint project finished.  During this time scale, you will need the weather forecast to not expect rain for the whole of the job. If you are looking to paint deck balustrade, paint deck spindles or paint deck railing, you will need to allow for more time as preparing these areas are a bit fiddly to work with.

For more information in regards painting externally and the best weather to do so, read our article here:

What Are The Ideal Weather Conditions For Painting?

Which Tools Should I Use To Paint My Deck?

Promain provide a wide range of manufacturers deck paints. As a result, which tool to paint your deck with depends on the product used. Most wooden decking paint can be applied using a specialist deck paint brush, roller or sprayer. There are many specialist tools manufactured by Osmo that Promain can supply to help with your project. Bear in mind the profile of your decking. If your decking has been laid with the grooved side up, using a paint brush or roller could lead to a build up of paint between the grooves. Due to this, the paint may not dry and stay soft. This could lead to early failure. If you do intend to paint your deck using a brush, Promain recommend multiple thin coats.

Depending on the level of finish and your expertise, a deck paint sprayer may be the most efficient way to paint your deck.

How To Paint Deck Spindles, Balustrade & Railing

When it comes to painting wooden railing, it is important to over estimate how much paint you will require. Often, balustrade has a lot of fiddly areas between the spindles and handrails. If your wooden decking area is raised, it is even more vital that all intricate areas of the wooden balustrade is painted.

How To Maintain My Decking?

After spending considerable time and effort on applying the correct deck paint, it is important to remember that regular maintenance is performed.

Constant effects of residual dirt in the atmosphere, BBQ stains and algae are the bane of owners of decking no matter the construction. Everyone knows maintenance free decking is a myth – no matter how expensive your decking is, a bird will still poo on it regardless of what you paid!

How To Clean Deck Paint?

If your deck has already been painted, it is vital that the correct cleaning processes are regularly performed. This will help to keep your hard work looking as fresh as it did on day one. Wood specialists Osmo produce a range of deck cleaners depending on the construction material. The deck washes below are formulated to remove algae and dirt

Osmo Decking Cleaner

Garden Deck Paint CleanerFormulated as a special concentrated dilution, this deck cleaner will not damage the recent paint applied. Osmo Deck Cleaner is water soluble for quick, easy and thorough decking maintenance.

By using this deck cleaner the garden deck becomes resistant against soiling and water damage. Always refer to the data sheets to find the correct processes on how to clean deck paint.


Osmo Polymer Composite Wood Cleaner

Garden Deck PaintAdditionally, for those customers with WPC decking, we have Osmo Composite Wood Cleaner. Consequently, we will discuss further in a following blog how to maintain and paint composite decking.




For further information on how to paint a deck, read The DIY Network’s article here.

To find out the best garden deck paint, see our article on deck paint, deck oil and deck stain. This will help you decide the best garden deck paint, stain or oil for your project.

For more information on decking paints and stains, follow our Knowledge Hub for the latest information in regards decking products. Alternatively, call our technical team on 01462 421333 for the best deck paint for your individual requirements.

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