High Temperature Heat Paint and It’s Uses

Looking for paint suitable to protect material from the effects of heat? Well you are not alone. Promain‘s technical team regularly get requests for paint solutions to protect BBQ’s, fireplaces, and chimineas from the DIY market. Our technical team also specify heat paint solutions for industrial requirements. So, whether it is a gas pipe, bund, exhaust pipe or just a regular old barbecue – you are guaranteed to get the best high heat paint for your project.

Heat Paint For Items Found In The Domestic Market

Below we will help users new to the heat resistant paint market find the best heat paint for their project.

Heat Paint For General Metalwork

For general metalwork that suffers from heat exposure, you can use Teamac High Temp Silicon Aluminium Paint. This heat resistant primer is ideal for a variety of metal substrates including new, bare or blasted steel. It is ideal for use on things like radiators, engines and pipes in boiler rooms. As an alternative take a look at Carboline Thermaline 4700.

If you have a heat resistant primer, you should have a heat resistant topcoat as well. These often come in black or aluminium. If you are using Rust-Oleum 4268 Primer we would recommend using Rust-Oleum Heat Resistant Topcoat. This topcoat is suitable for use under continuous temperatures up to 650°C. It can withstand peak temperatures up to 750°C. You can use it in applications indoors or in a sheltered outdoor environment.

Best Heat Resistant Paint For BBQ’s, Chimineas and Stoves

Probably our most popular high heat black paint for BBQ’s is Rust-Oleum Stove and BBQ Paint. Rust-Oleum Stove and BBQ paint is perfect for use on stoves and BBQ’s, but you can also use it can also be used on engines and radiators. Stove and BBQ paint can be used both indoors and outdoors and is very durable and corrosion resistant. However, this high heat black paint is not recommended for areas that are directly exposed to flames.

Best High Temperature Resistant Paint For Pizza Ovens and Brickwork

For external pizza ovens or barbecues with brickwork walls we would suggest using a suitable masonry paint like Limewash. The Traditional Paint Co Pozzolan Limewash is a traditional paint that stands the test of time. Pozzolan Limewash is suitable for application to brick and concrete render.

Limewash is ideal as it offers a chemical bond between the surface and the limewash unlike normally masonry paints. Normal masonry paints would discolour and peel due to the heat. Limewash is a traditional paint that has been used for many centuries. It has been used on fireplaces and interior brickwork.

For these products to work correctly, preparation needs to be to the highest standard. We would really recommend a sweep blast on metal.

Paint For Exhaust Pipes, Brake Calipers and Engines

If you are looking for an aluminium coloured heat paint for exhausts, have a look at Owatrol RA85.

Owatrol RA85 Aluminium Paint is a high gloss, paint coating, that offers an aluminium finish that will not flake or peel when exposed to temperatures of up to 175°C. With its high abrasion resistance, excellent adhesion and ability to penetrate the substrate, it has all the properties it requires for a long life.

If you are just looking to paint your brake calipers you don’t really need a high heat paint. We are of course assuming you don’t have a Lamborghini on your drive! We would recommend using Rust-Oleum Combicolor for brake calipers. This paint is cost effective, comes in thousands of colours and is easy to apply.

If you are looking to paint your exhaust black, use Rust-Oleum 1015 / 1078 Heat-Resistant 750°C Topcoat.

As you may have noticed, most heat resistant paints come in black or aluminium. We have yet to find a heat resistant gold spray paint! However, our technical team do like a challenge, so if you would like something specific just ask.

exhaust heat paint alternative
A Heat Wrapped Exhaust

There are however alternatives when it comes to changing the colour of your vehicle’s manifold. You could always heat wrap your exhaust. These exhaust heat shield wraps are available in various colours. We would suggest a visit to your favourite vehicle specialist to find out more.

Remember if you are looking to apply paint, always refer to the product’s data sheet before preparation and application. This will ensure the best practices meaning your coating will last as long as it is intended to.

Best Paint For Fireplaces and Fire Surrounds

Internally, you may be concerned about which paint is suitable for use on fireplace. If you have a brick or metal fire surrounds you will not require a heat resistant coating. This is because the surround is not actually touching the fire. However, if you are concerned we would propose using Bedec MSP in the surrounding area. Bedec Multi Surface Paint benefits from being Class 0. This means it is certified against Spread of Flame.

What Is Class O Paint?

Class 0 spread of flame is an additional level of protection for walls or ceilings. Depending on the building type you may require Class 0 paint. This approval rating is suitable when where you require limited combustibility in high-risk areas, such as escape routes. To comply with Class O materials must have a Class 1 Surface Spread of Flame and low fire propagation index. This is in accordance with BS 476 Part 6.

We have a range of products with a Class 0 certificate including:

Intro To Intumescent Paints

Intumescent coatings are one of the most important safety coatings Promain supply. The main purpose of intumescent paint is to stop the flame and fire from spreading over the material’s surface. It also prevents the underlying substrate from melting if it is steel, or burning if it is wood. This is achieved by releasing a flame dampening gas when it becomes too hot. Promain have a range of fire retardant coatings that are suitable for use internally on a number of different surfaces. Most importantly, we ensure that all of the intumescent paints we supply are tested against the British Safety Standards and comply with building regulations. Dependent on the thickness of the steel beams or the cast iron posts, you will require a different thickness of paint. Promain’s technical team will calculate the thickness upon request.

Many of these systems require an intumescent high heat primer. It is the heat resistant primer paint that protects the material underneath.

We have a full category of intumescent solutions. But we would always recommend contacting us for a specification first.

Heat Paint For Industrial Environments

Industrial Heat PaintManufacturers such as Carboline provide high heat paint for extreme performance for substrates under hot, cryogenic and cycling exposures. Products such as Carboline Thermaline Heat Shield produce a film providing an outstanding barrier against corrosives and harsh exposures typically seen in elevated temperature environments.

Many of Carboline’s Thermaline range of heat resistant primer and topcoat systems are ideal for all piping, vessels and equipment operating from cryogenic conditions. This can be up to 1200°F. If you require a coating to control corrosion under insulation (CUI), Carboline have a number of solutions available via Promain.co.uk.

If however you are looking for heat resistant paint for pipeline repairs, take a look at our full product category here. Promain distribute a huge range of solutions for the gas, food and beverage, oil and power industries. We have solutions from leading worldwide manufacturers Jotun, Sika, Sherwin Williams, International and Hempel.


If you require a DIY heat paint or a high temperature resistant coating contact us today. Our technical team have a wide range of knowledge from the leading concrete repair manufacturers. Furthermore, if you require a bespoke specification call 01462 421333.

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