FAQ: How To Get Paint Off Concrete Guide

If you are in a panic, trying to find out how to remove paint from concrete, look no further. Even the best intentions can lead to a paint spill. In this FAQ blog, we will discuss common questions such as how to get paint off concrete.

How To Remove Paint From Concrete Floor

Lots of people store their paint in their garage. This can sometimes lead to leaks, or mishaps when transporting or decanting paint. If you are looking to successfully remove paint from garage floor, Promain can help.

First things first, immediately collect up as much paint as possible. It is best to use some kitchen roll, or some old rags. Try not to move the paint around too much – the idea is to not make more of a mess! Try not to drip any more paint onto the floor when putting your rags in the bin.

We realise you might be reading this blog after the initial spill. You might now be looking for a paint remover for concrete floors. If the paint is now dry, we have a few solutions. The best way of removing paint from concrete is with a paint stripper. This is also true if you are looking at how to remove masonry paint from concrete outside.

The most versatile product for floor paint stripping is Owatrol DSP 800.

Introducing Owatrol DSP 800

Owatrol DSP800 is a fast acting paint stripper that is ideal for a number of applications. This paint remover is also able to remove products such as carpet glue, car paints and most if not all paint products. However, we always recommend testing on a small area first. Always check the data sheets for compatibility first.

Owatrol DSP 800 average time to work:

  1. Alkyd / Oil-based paints – Apply a thick coat of DSP 800 and allow 5 minutes per coat of paint
  2. Alkyd / Oil-based stain and Varnish – Apply a thin coat of DSP 800 and allow 7-10 minutes per coat
  3. Acrylic paints, Stains and Varnishes – Apply a thick coat of DSP 800 and allow 45 minutes to work. You may need to reapply
  4. 2 Pack Epoxies, Cellulose Paints, Powder Coatings, etc. – Apply a thick coat of DSP and allow 7-45 minutes (according to your test)

Owatrol DSP800 is ideal for stripping paint from stone and cement walls. With a fast-acting formulation, this paint stripper can remove paint in as little as 5 minutes. DSP800 has a gel like consistency. Therefore, it will not run or sag while it works.

Another benefit is that you can repaint surfaces following stripping after just 6 hours

Centrecoat Prostrip

Centrecoat ProStrip is a water-based, low odour, easy to use gel with a pleasant almond odour.

UndergroundThis professional product is used by many industrial painters & decorators, furniture restoration companies, and flooring and decking contractors. It is also ideal for the removal of old Artex. Centrecoat ProStrip is strong yet much safer than conventional stripping solvents and provides an excellent methylene chloride replacement. ProStrip is even approved for use on London Underground – APR No. 2192.

  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-ozone depleting and low VOC
  • Safe & non-flammable
  • Easy to apply gel
  • Extra strong for tougher finishes
  • Fast acting and slow drying

How To Remove Paint From Paving Slabs

If you are looking for how to get paint off paving slabs, look no further. Customers regularly ask our technical team how to get paint off slabs. We can recommend Owatrol DSP 800 as a patio paint remover. Is it hot outside, and the patio is warm to the touch? If it is, a tip is to cover the paint stripper with plastic sheeting. This will stop the stripper from drying out, letting it work longer.

Depending on the paint and how precious you are of your slabs, you could also use a paint scraper to remove the worst of the paint. This would make the process of how to remove paint from slabs much faster. A high power jet wash would work on most water-based paints as well.

This process would also work if you are asking how to get paint off concrete posts or how to remove paint from concrete walls.

How To Remove Paint From Concrete Without Chemicals

You might be asking how to get paint off concrete if you don’t want to use chemicals. If you worry about using chemicals when stripping paint from concrete do not panic. Firstly, use a high power jet wash on it’s highest setting. This should shift some if not all of the paint spill. Depending on the type of paint on the concrete you could also use a paint scraper. If at the end of this process a stain is still apparent, it is best to contact our technical team. We do have some non hazardous paint strippers such as Centrecoat ProStrip. This stripper for example is safe for use on London Underground stations and platforms. As you can expect their health and safety requirements are top tier.


If you are still stuck with paint removers for concrete, contact our technical team. Promain’s tech team have manufacturer training not just on how to apply paint, but how to remove paint as well!

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