Gutter Cleaning With SkyVac: University College, Oxford

SkyVac Gutter Cleaning

On Thursday 28th February 2019, Rory, one of our technical team members of staff, attended a SkyVac gutter cleaning demonstration at University College in Oxford.

Introducing The College’s Issue With Their Gutters

The issue the client has is that the historic building has high level, hidden valley gutters that are difficult to maintain. The quantity of over growing trees in the grounds makes the risk of the gutters filling with waste more frequent. Henceforth, the gutters are constantly filling up with debris.

The maintenance staff on-site only have access to the gutters through small roof hatches. Once through the hatches, the cleaners need to crawl along narrow parapets. This results in a massive health and safety issue.

SkyVac To The Rescue

The SkyVac Gutter Cleaning Systems available from Promain negates this H&S issue. By being able to access the valley gutters from ground level, the systems provide a safe environment for all involved.

Inspecting The Gutters

The first port of call was to inspect the gutters using a SkyVac Camera and Monitor. This way we were able to ascertain which gutters actually needed cleaning.

Leaving the camera set up on a gutter that was in need of a clean, the SkyVac Industrial 85 Gutter Cleaning Machine was then used to clear the valley gutter of the leaf debris. It was easy to see where the debris has accumulated due to the use of the camera.

Using the Elite Poles with the Vacuum Release Value made sure that removing any larger clumps was safer and quicker. This means the contractor can keep both hands on the base of the pole at ground level at all times.

Using the camera system in this way makes it very easy for the operator. This is rather than attaching camera to the gutter cleaning pole.

Finally, the contractor will remove the waste from the gutter cleaning machine. This waste is ideal to put onto the garden beds to degrade into compost. The SkyVac Industrial 85‘s drum was then washed out with clean water.

Gutter Cleaning With SkyVac

Introducing SkyVac Industrial 85

SKYVAC Industrial 85 (Wet & Dry) free standing gutter cleaning system features a high performance gutter cleaning machine with lightweight poles capable of reaching up to 12 metres / 40ft.

SKYVAC Commercial 85 Gutter Cleaning System is a wet and dry vacuum unit that is recommended for both commercial and domestic use.

SkyVac Industrial 85 Gutter CleanerUnlike other gutter cleaning machines on the market, the SKYVAC Industrial 85 industrial model is not an ‘off the shelf’ vacuum. The powerful system has 50% more suction lift power than its nearest rival and a bespoke side glide entry, making it the World’s Most Powerful Free-standing Gutter Cleaning Machine.

This machine is ideal for small businesses or large property owners looking for a quality solution to potentially dangerous and time consuming gutter cleaning. Promain can arrange a site visit demonstration or training. Contact our technical team on 01462 421333 opt2 to discuss your requirements.


  • Three Industrial Strength Vacuum Motors – Huge suction power of 150 inches of water lift (most 3 motor vacuum will give 90″ water lift)
  • Side Glide Entrance –  Eliminates time consuming blockages associated with front entrance machines
  • Unique Power Mix – Gives 50% more suction lift power than its nearest rival
  • All Terrain Steel Tipping Chassis With Stainless Steel Container
  • Locking Front Castor Wheels
  • Package includes new and improved SKYVAC Elite Poles
  • New Vac Release Pole, simply twist the cuff to cut the vacuum suction and see the turf safely fall to ground, a massive productivity gain.

If you require a demonstration on SkyVac Gutter Cleaning Systems, contact our technical team today. We have a wide range of gutter cleaners, driveway cleaners and internal vacuums suitable for industrial use.

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