Introduction to Block Paving Sealers

If you are interested in block paving sealers you are in the right place! In this article we aim to guide you through the benefits of using a block paving driveway sealer while highlighting pitfalls to prevent mistakes.

Benefits of Block Paving Sealers

There are multiple benefits from sealing your block paving from water ingress. A good quality block paving sealer will:

  • Keep your paving looking natural and clean
  • Add kerb appeal to your property
  • Waterproof your driveway
  • Allow for easy removal of chewing gum
  • Allow for easy maintenance
  • Prevent future green growth
  • Helps stop oil stains

As you can see, sealing your driveway is a no brainer. So just how do you apply a driveway sealer? Read on to find out how to prepare your driveway.

Preparation: Clean It Before You Seal It

Before using a block paving sealer, it is important to clean the area. As with anything outside (or inside for that matter), everything is dirtier than you think! Take a look at the whole area and take an assessment of the type of grime and contamination you may have to deal with.

If your block paving has oil stains don’t panic. One of Promain’s top block paving oil removers is Oil Technics OT8 Oil Driveway Cleaner. OT8 is a brilliant product that will easily remove any oil spills left by leaky cars, or any impromptu car maintenance. As a biological cleaner, this oil stain remover will rapidly remove and digest oil stains from most hard surfaces and porous block work.

Maybe your block driveway surface hasn’t been contaminated with oil, but just needs general cleaning. Our technical team suggest using Centrecoat R09 to clean and degrease the floor.

The next stage of preparation is one of the most important. You may have noticed while cleaning that your block paving suffers from green growth. This will more than likely be more prevalent in shady areas or parts of your driveway that are often wet or sheltered. In fact, even if your driveway looks spotless now to the eye, it more than likely will have algae and fungal growth. The best way to ensure the block paving is sterile is by using a fungicidal wash. One of our most popular moss removers for block paving is Centrecoat’s GS36. Upon application, this product can be left on the surface to carry on protecting the substrate in the future.

Following these stage will insure your block paving surface is back to its original, natural state ready for sealing.

How to Prepare Large Areas Of Block Paving For Sealing

You might be shaking your head at the idea of cleaning your driveway by hand. Maybe your driveway is large, or you have a block paving car park to seal. Don’t worry! Promain have an extensive range of entry level to trade quality industrial driveway cleaning machines. This will help with the cleaning process and ensure your block paving is ready for a heavy-duty block paving sealer.

Furthermore, if you are a contractor that specialises in ground maintenance, adding a professional driveway cleaning machine to your business model can ensure a constant stream of business no matter the season.

Take a look at our full range of industrial driveway cleaning machines here >>

Promain’s Best Block Paving Sealers

Promain can provide a range of quality driveway paving sealer products from leading manufacturers such as Centrecoat, Coo-Var, Fosroc and Flag.

General consensus in the industry suggests acrylics provide the best adhesion to dense substrates such as block paving. Acrylic coatings are also overcoatable with minimal preparation if you need to reapply the coating in the future. However, polyurethane sealers for block paving may benefit from possibly lasting longer. Please bear in mind though that you would need to remove or thoroughly abrade PU coatings if you intend to change the coating in the future.

Centrecoat All Surface Protector

Centrecoat All Surface Protector is a clear block sealer. This easy to apply product will improve surface appearance by keeping the surface natural and clean over time. Formulated to help waterproof surfaces, this clear pavement sealer is for use on walls, floor / roof tiles, granite, stone, brick, sandstone, limestone, travertine, concrete and more.

View the full product details of Centrecoat All Surface Protector on our website >>

Flag Concrete Sealer

Flag Concrete Sealer is an oil and water-resistant, flexible and UV resistant finish suitable for concrete floors and block paving driveways. This product provides a clear, gloss finish that benefits from being hard wearing and durable.

View the full product details of Flag Concrete Sealer on our website >>

Centrecoat Wet Look Treatment

If your driveway looks dull and uninspiring when dry look no further. Centrecoat Wet Look Treatment is the ideal block paving sealer for customers looking to enhance their driveway with a permanent wet look. This all-in-one product offers both water and oil repellent protection to all porous building materials. However, it is particularly suitable for external flooring and patios.

View the full product details of Centrecoat Wet Look Treatment on our website >>

Promain’s Specialist Paving Sealers

Promain also can recommend a range of specialist products for reviving and protecting other types of paving.

For example, if your patio is made from black limestone, we can recommend Centrecoat R186 Black Limestone Restorer to restore your faded sets.

We can also recommend Centrecoat Imprinted Driveway Sealer for modern concrete imprinted driveways.

For the full range, take a look at our full block sealer and pavement sealer product categories.

Alternatively, if you would prefer a solid colour paint for driveways, we have a range of professional grade driveway paints – view the category on our webshop here.


Hopefully we have helped you understand more about the resin block paving sealer products available on the market. If you would like more information regarding resin block sealer products contact our technical team today.

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