Can You Paint Patio Slabs?

Patios are available in natural materials such as stone, sandstone, travertine, granite and slate. Patio slabs are also produced in concrete, porcelain and ceramic. Man made materials are also used for products such as block paving. It’s no wonder that customers often question whether paint can be used on any patio surface. 

Ask yourself, why do I want to paint my patio?

Is your patio the wrong colour?

If your patio is just the wrong colour, patio paints are only available in limited colours. Some people are unable to find the colour they want so they incorrectly use masonry paint. Masonry paint is far too soft a product to handle foot traffic.

Is your patio stained?

Promain have an extensive list of suitable cleaners and restorers for substrates. Have a look at our Patio Cleaners category to find the correct product for your patio type. Painting might not be the correct solution, if just a good clean will bring your patio back to life. For further advise on patio cleaners contact our technical team.

Alternatively read this blog: Removing Algae From Your Patio, Path or Paving or watch this video How To Remove Rust From Patios.

Is your patio slabs old and faded?

Paint can transform an old and faded patio rather than removing or replacing a patio completely which can be extremely expensive and time consuming. Painting is not just a quick fix, but can be a long term solution if the correct products are chosen.

Did you paint your patio in the past and it’s failed?

If someone or yourself has painted your patio in the past without the knowledge of how to do the job properly, the likelihood is that the paint may have failed quite quicker than you would have hoped. Old paint on patios can be removed with a suitable paint stripper. However, hiring a heavy duty power wash may be cheaper, easier, quicker and more fun! We recommend a minimum 180 bar pressure and 540 litres per hour flow rate.

Are you trying to make your patio anti slip?

Promain specialise in quality anti slip solutions for internal and external floors. If you are looking to make your patio safe, take a look at our anti slip category for patio, paths and paving.

Painting your patio is possible, but precautionary steps need to be followed. painting concrete can be a problem if you do not do the correct preparation. Avoid the problems and follow the suggestions recommended below.

What Makes A Good Patio Paint

Patio paints need to be hard wearing, have a degree of anti slip and be durable enough to withstand weather and regular foot traffic. Promain provide various solutions from the most renowned manufacturers on the market. This includes Rust-Oleum, Centrecoat, FLAG, Protecta-Kote, Teamac and Coo-Var. When selecting paint for your slabs, be sure to check if it’s anti-slip if that is a requirement for you.

Why would I want an anti slip patio paint?

  • Is it because my patio is in a shaded area and I get green growth?
  • Is it because I get puddles of water in the winter?
  • Who is using the patio?
  • has your patio got a ramp?

Promain can provide anti slip additives that are of different sizes that can be added to a variety of patio paints.

Can You Paint Old Paving Slabs?

Yes, you can. Take a look at our Patio Paints category.

Can You Change the Colour of Patio Slabs?

Yes, but patio paints are only available in a limited palette.

My Patio Slabs Are Sealed…Can I Paint Over Them?

If a polyurethane sealer has been applied to the slabs, this will need to be abraded before patio paint is applied.

What Patio Paints Do Promain recommend?

  • Anti Slip Solution – We would recommend Protecta-Kote UVR. This product contains a rubber crumb unlike many anti slip products that use aggregates such as dolomite flint.
  • Wet Look Finish – We would recommend Centrecoat Wet Look Treatment. This product is clear but enhances the natural beauty of the slabs.
  • Oil and Stain Resistance – We would recommend Centrecoat Premium HD Driveway Paint. If you are parking on your patio, this product will ensure any oil or fuel spills do not damage the paint.
  • Colour Patio Paint – Patio paint is only available in limited colours. Have a look at FLAG HD Floor Paint for the widest range of stock colours.
  • Bespoke Colours – Available by special order and minimum qualities will apply.

Preparation: How Can I Paint My Concrete Patio Slabs?

Firstly, use a stiff broom to remove any debris. Then clean the patio with a suitable cleaner such as Centrecoat R09 Heavy Duty Cleaner. If your patio has moss or algae growth, we recommend using Centrecoat GS36. However, if you intend to use a jet wash, allow to dry thoroughly before application of the paint. If you patio slab has algae growth that is not removed by the Centrecoat GS36, we would recommend the use of Centrecoat BG R04 Hard Surface Landscape Cleaner.

Application: How Do You Paint Old Patio Slabs?

You can apply most patio paints with a good quality roller. We would recommend no larger than 12 inch wide.

Thin the first coat with 10%- 15% suitable thinner. Refer to the product data sheet for the suitable thinner.

Apply a minimum of 2 coats, with one 90 degrees to the other to ensure best coverage. Do not apply patio paint in full sun – follow our weather guidance here: What Are The Ideal Weather Conditions For Painting?

Always allow a minimum of 48 hours before using your patio to allow the paint to harden. Follow product data sheet guidance for the paint you are using.


If you are looking to paint your patio, ensure you take the correct advise before starting the project. Contact our technical team if you have any queries before you start. Our team is manufacturer trained and have a wealth of knowledge on all patio products.

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