How to Clean Rust Stains from a Patio

Rusting and stains caused by weathering can be seen a lot on patios and other concrete surfaces. Garden furniture can easily rust when it is exposed to whether, especially in the UK, where lines or spots can be left to spoil your lovely looking garden patio. These stains can often be very difficult to clean and get off, so you have to consider using more than just a water wash. Don’t fret about how to remove the rust however, it can easily be removed with Owatrol Net-Trol.

Cleaning Patio Rust Stains How-to guide

  • The first simple step is to wet the surface.
  • You need to slightly rinse and clean the affected areas with fresh water.
  • Step two, you need to place the Net-Trol cleaner with a very hard scrub brush. Work in circles as you work in the solution. This should sit for up to 20 minutes.
  • Step three, you need to rinse and scrub the affected area.
  • Use your scrubber brush to scrub the area. Then rinse and clean the patch with fresh water or a pressure washer. If they are hard stains you may have to repeat the process a few times.

Net-trol has nothing that can hurt or harm a human or a pet in the makeup of it, so do not fret about hazards with that.

If you need to or want to take measures to prevent rusting then all you need to do is put Owatrol Oil on the surface you want to prevent from rusting and this will help a lot. The oil does not smell nor have a color and will also protect against corrosion.

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