Teak Oil: Introduction, Benefits & Application

Owatrol Teak Olje

People often come to our website regarding protecting their exterior timber with a clear finish. In most people’s minds, they are thinking of a varnish. Varnishes do an excellent job but require a large amount of preparation on an ongoing basis. So why not think about using Teak Oil.

The Benefits of Teak Oil

Teak Oil has a special formulation to protect not only teak, but other exotic hardwoods. It is ideal for both internal and external environments. This teak oil offers a rich, warm matt finish. It works by replacing the natural oils lost due to weathering and ageing, as well as degradation from UV rays. Teak oil is non film forming, as it penetrates deep into the timber. A further benefit is that it will not peel or flake.

When it comes to maintenance, teak oil is a lot easier to manage than traditional varnish. In the past if you were applying varnish, you would need to strip and sand the wood back to the bare timber. However, if you use products such as Owatrol Teak Olje outdoors, maintenance coats just require a pre-clean.

What Can You Use Teak Oil For?

Teak oil is an ideal product for exterior wooden furniture such as garden tables and chairs. This is as many people leave their wooden garden furniture outdoors all year round. Using teak oil for furniture outdoors will enhance your wood meaning it will last for years to come with minimal maintenance.

Promain’s Teak Oil Range

If you are looking for an alternative to products such as Liberon teak oil look no further. Promain have a range of wood oils available. Below we will introduce some of our most popular oils for wood:

Owatrol Teak Olje

Companies such as Owatrol, are renowned manufacturers of protective coatings for many wood products. They have a large range of specialist coatings suitable for interior and exterior use. Owatrol have spent many years testing and developing water based products. Consequently, Owatrol’s development labs in France have earned an enviable reputation for making the best wood oil products available today.

Some of Owatrol’s most popular protective wood coatings include Textrol, Textrol HES, and Aquadecks. One of their most successful oils is Owatrol Teak Olje – Owatrol’s own brand teak oil.

Teak Olje has a special formulation to protect not only teak, but other exotic hardwoods. It is ideal for both internal and external environments. This teak oil offers a rich, warm matt finish. Maintenance coats just require a clean with Owatrol Aquanett and Net-trol. These specialist products cleanse timbers such as teak, iroko, merbau, chestnut, cedar, Douglas fir and oak.

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Teamac V601/28 Siliconised Teak Oil

Teamac produce this teak oil finish from a blend of natural oils with the addition of silicone derivatives. This silicone helps with water shedding making it suitable for use in marine applications. Teamac are one of the most renowned marine coatings manufacturers on the market today. You can simply apply this oil via a brush or cloth. This oil will leave a beautiful clear finish.

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Osmo Teak Oil Spray

If you are looking for a teak oil spray, see Osmo Teak Oil Spray. Suitable for use internally or externally. This aerosol oil spray is safe for humans, animals and plants once dry.

Benefits include that it is highly water and dirt resistant and is microporous. Therefore, it is a penetrating finish which does not crack, peel or flake.

No sanding necessary when topping up coating in the future.

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Teknos Woodex Aqua Wood Oil

Woodex Aqua Wood Oil is a natural oil for outdoor use. It is ideal for protection of garden deck floors, jetties and wooden garden furniture. Other suitable objects for protecting include fences, trellises, doors and stairs. You can apply this wood oil on clean, dry wooden surfaces by brush, sponge or by dipping.

Woodex Aqua Wood Oil will protect wooden surfaces from moisture and soiling. It can also be tinted to protect from UV radiation of the sun. In addition, it diminishes cracking of the wooden surface.

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Osmo Decking Oil

Osmo Decking Oil is a satin-matt, non peel, non flake coating offering an extremely water-resistant and dirt repellent surface. Osmo Decking Oil protects, maintains and beautify garden furniture including wooden decks or fencing. Provides an extremely high coverage rate and is easy to apply. Available in 11 colours.

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How To Apply Teak Oil

Thankfully, teak oil application is easy and satisfying. To apply, simply apply the teak oil either via brush or lint free cloth. You may find additional coats will offer a more pleasing finish and protect the timber for longer.

These oils are a penetrative oil that soaks into saturating the wood fibres stopping them from deteriorating from water ingress. Therefore, it may take a couple of applications over 2 or 3 seasons before the timber reaches full protection. Then your wood will have full protection and require no more further coats. A light clean with a mild detergent is sometimes all that is necessary. Allow the detergent to dry before reapplication of the oil. We suggest applying oils in cool conditions. The longer it takes for the oil to dry, the deeper it can penetrate into the timber. Therefore, the teak oil drying time needs to be longer rather than short.

How Much Teak Oil Do I Need?

We are occasionally asked how much teak oil do I need. A data sheet may typically say the coverage is 6m2 per litre. But as we have discussed earlier, using teak oil is all about saturating the timber. The more you apply, the better the degree of protection you achieve. Typically, on a new piece of timber you will have a low coverage rate. This indicates that the oil has deep penetration into the wood. As time does by, and you apply maintenance coats over the years, coverage rate will increase massively.

Alternative Wood Oils

Some companies produce products that act like traditional teak oil, but by use more modern technology. Consequently, they have developed products to nourish and protect interior and exterior timber. By using products such as linseed oil and modern pigments they can offer a range of exciting colours. Products such as Lacq Energol is one such product.

Owatrol have spent many years developing a product called Textrol HES. This microporous wood oil is produced from natural plant oils. Not only does it often high protection against UV rays, but you can also apply it in just one coat. Textrol HES is not only available in a clear finish, but a range of 5 other attractive tones to enhance the natural beauty of your timber.

Using Teak Oil On Kitchen Wood

If you are asking yourself is teak oil safe for cutting boards, it isn’t. Be careful using teak oil on wooden kitchen work surfaces. When it comes to wooden kitchen worktops, you will require a protective oil that will not contain biocidal agents that can taint your food. Osmo Top Oil is ideal for wooden surfaces as it has resistance to common acids found in beer, wine, fruit juices and more. Osmo Top Oil is also ideal as a teak oil on kitchen cabinets.


As Promain only supply the best quality products on the market, you will see specialist professional coatings on our website. If you require any guidance on how to prepare your wood for oil or any coating contact our technical team today. Our technical team are independent and regularly attend manufacturer training.

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