Teamac V601/28 Teak Oil

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A blend of natural oils and silicone derivatives to enhance, preserve and restore the appearance of teak.
Available in 2.5 Litres in Clear
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Product Description

Teamac V601/28 Teak Oil is formulated using a natural blend of oils and silicone derivatives, designed to preserve, enhance and restore the appearance of teak substrates.

Teamac V601/28 Teak Oil is a high quality preservative that works to protect exterior teak objects, while providing a level of decoration and enhancement.

Best Uses

Teamac V601/28 Teak Oil is best used on teak items to protect and enhance them. Teamac V601/28 Teak Oil can be used externally and works as a staining solution that protects the surfaces from wind, rain, snow, frost or sunlight. Your teak garden furniture will be protected and revitalised when you use Teamac Teak Oil, and you need not worry about damage to your possessions.


Teamac V601/28 Teak Oil can be applied directly onto the surface using brush or cloth and dries to produce a clear, oily finish. Teamac V601/28 Teak Oil has a theoretical coverage rate of approximately 7m2 per litre and is available in 2.5 litre containers, at a price that you simply can

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