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Jotun saw an enormous increase in the size of the whaling fleet at the turn of the century and realized the potential in producing the marine coating he was selling himself, Gleditsch purchased an oil mill that was struggling and set about turning it into a paint manufacturing plant. In 1931 Jotun purchased Arcanol, a paint company that were producing a red lead based paint that offered extremely good rust-inhibiting properties, this paint coating proved to be the first real success for Jotun in the rapidly growing marine protective coatings industry. Jotun soon formulated an antifouling which meant that boats and ships were able to spend longer at sea before the necessity for cleaning in dry dock, this was typically up to four years.

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  1. Jotun Hardtop One
    Jotun Hardtop One

    A single pack polysiloxane topcoat formulated to give a cosmetic finish with superior colour and gloss retention. NORSOK approved.

    From £134.28 £111.90

  2. Jotun Hardtop XPL
    Jotun Hardtop XPL

    A low gloss polyurethane topcoat for atmospheric environments.

    From £369.60 £308.00

  3. Jotun Jotamastic SF
    Jotun Jotamastic SF

    A two component epoxy mastic coating for repair and maintenance.

    From £460.80 £384.00

  4. Jotun Jotamastic 90
    Jotun Jotamastic 90

    A corrosion, abrasion, chemical and water resistant coating, suitable for interior and exterior use.

    From £80.28 £66.90

  5. Jotun Hardtop AX
    Jotun Hardtop AX

    A two component chemically curing high gloss aliphatic acrylic polyurethane coating that offers resistance to UV degradation and good chemical resista...

    From £123.25 £102.71

  6. Jotun Jotamastic 87 WG
    Jotun Jotamastic 87 WG

    For application to steel where blast cleaning may not be possible, excellent corrosion resistance and available in a choice of colours.

    From £101.93 £84.94

  7. Jotun Penguard Topcoat
    Jotun Penguard Topcoat

    A two component polyamide cured epoxy coating. To be used as topcoat in atmospheric environments.

    From £84.42 £70.35

  8. Jotun Solvalitt
    Jotun Solvalitt

    A one component physically drying silicone acrylic coating that is heat resistant up to 600°C.

    From £130.14 £108.45

  9. Jotun Safeguard Universal ES
    Jotun Safeguard Universal ES

    A two component polyamide cured vinyl epoxy based coating that is specially designed as a tie coat between epoxy primers and anti-fouling systems.

    From £218.05 £181.71

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