Jotun Jotamastic 87 Aluminium WG

Part A: UN1263 (Class: 3, Pk Grp: III), Part B: UN1866 (Class:3, Pk Grp: III)
Low temperature curing, two component coating, providing protection in atmospheric and immersed environments.
Available in 5 and 20 Litres
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Product Description

Jotamastic 87 Aluminium Winter Grade provides protection to carbon and shop primed steel and coated surfaces and can be applied at sub zero temperatures.

Jotamastic 87 Aluminium Winter Grade is a low temperature curing, two component polyamine cured epoxy mastic coating. It is developed for areas where it is not possible or required to provide optimum surface preparation. If applied to blast prepared steel at the manufacturer's recommended film thickness (see data sheet), an expected life expectancy of 15 years before a first maintenance is necessary.

Best Uses

Jotamastic 87 Aluminium Winter Grade can be used as a primer, mid or finish coat, or as a single coat system in atmospheric and immersed environments. Jotamastic 87 Aluminium Winter Grade can be applied at sub zero surface temperatures and is suitable for the maintenance and repair of prepared carbon steel and aged surfaces. Other uses include the external hull surfaces and exterior and interior surfaces within marine environments, including water ballast tanks. It is also recommended as a protective coating for offshore environments such as splash zones, refineries, power plants, bridges, buildings, mining equipment and general structural steel surfaces.


Surfaces should be prepared, prior to application, ensuring they are clean, dry and free from any contamination. To achieve a Winter Grade standard of product, the Comp A/Comp B mix ratio should be 4:1. Jotamastic 87 Aluminium Winter Grade should be applied by airless spray. A brush can be used for stripe coating or small areas. Rollers may also be used for small areas, however this is not recommended for a first primer coat. When using a brush or roller, care must be taken to achieve the specified dry film thickness.

Surface and Environment

Jotamastic 87 Aluminium Winter Grade provides long lasting protection in environments with high corrosivity and can be applied in temperatures that fall below 0°C. It can also be applied to substrates in immersed environments. Surfaces should be clean, dry and free from any contamination, in order to ensure lasting adhesion.

Technical Details


  • Low flame spread class 1, BS 476, Part 7, 1971. Warrington Fire reasearch, Naval Eng, Stand 713: Issue 3
  • Grain, Newcastle Occupational Health
  • Norsok M-501 System 1 (Pre Qualified)
  • Norsok M-501 System 7B (Pre Qualified)

Technical Info

Components: Two Part
Type: Polyamine cured epoxy mastic coating
Finish: Semi Gloss
Stock Colours: Aluminium, Aluminium Red Tone
Tintable: No
VOC Content: 212.0g per litre
Volume Solids: 87%
Suitable Substrates: Carbon steel and aged coating surfaces
Application Method: Airless Spray, Brush or Roller
Theoretical Coverage: 5.1 - 3.1m2 per litre
Wet Film Thickness (WFT): 195 - 325 microns
Dry Film Thickness (DFT): 150 - 250 microns
Induction Time: -
Pot Life: 1 hour at 23°C
Touch Dry: 6 hours at 10°C
Overcoatable: 16 hours at 10°C
Fully Cured: 3 days at 10°C
Cleaner / Thinner: Jotun Thinner No. 17
Shelf Life: 48 months for Part A, 36 months for Part B
Packaging: Available in 5 and 20 Litres

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