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Promain also have fireproof and intumescent coatings that have been manufactured by leading companies such as PPG, Bollom, Tor, and Thermoguard that are suitable for use on ceilings and walls. The risk of a fire occurring can be a worry as it is not always easy to completely fireproof certain environments, but you can help keep your building as safe as possible in the event of a fire with the application of our fire retardant coatings. These fire resistant wall and ceiling paints come in a range of different colours and is as easy to apply as other conventional paints and also provides a high quality and durable finish.

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  1. Bollom Flameguard Ultra Vinyl Matt
    Bollom Flameguard Ultra Vinyl Matt

    A Class 0 rated protective and decorative top coat for interior walls and trim. It is as easy to use as conventional paints and provides a high qualit...

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These fire retardant paints means that there will be a low surface spread of flames on all walls and ceilings that the paints have been applied to. As well as paints we also have a primer and undercoat available which is intended as use as a base coat when being used with flame resistant topcoats but is also used as a sealer for use on non combustible surfaces. It can sometimes be hard to know which product is best suited for your requirements so if that is the case please don’t hesitate to give Promain a call and one of our team will be more than happy to discuss your requirements with you and to recommend the best product for you as we understand how important it is to make sure that your property is as fireproof and as safe as possible.

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