Class R4 Approved

Class R4 (EN 1504-3) high strength high build repair mortars are suitable for interior and exterior surfaces with mortar possessing high mechanical structural performance requirements. These fibre-reinforced, shrinkage compensated thixotropic mortars are ideal for precast structures, canal linings, hydraulic works, and tunnels that require resistance to sulphate attack. Many of the R4 concrete repair mortars we supply are suitable for the repair and reconstruction of concrete coverings damaged by rusted and corroded re-bars.

Promain also offer paint solutions such as Rust-Oleum Noxyde or Fosroc Galvafroid both suitable for coating re-bars before the application of  a concrete repair mortar. Class R4 of BS EN 1504-3 is ideal for the filling of rigid joints between base and column, cracks in floors and joints between walls etc.

If required, these products can be painted over with a range of paints. Paints such as Sikagard® 550W an Elastic Crack Bridging Masonry Paint (Formerly Decadex). This is an anti-carbonation wall paint designed to be water permeable and offers excellent resistance against harsh elements and is ideally suited for multi-story car parks.

Alternatively, we have colour washes which help with ‘invisible’ repairs where a natural concrete finish is required.  Available as single bags, or we can offer half pallet or full pallet offering bulk discounts. If you have any specific project requirements, please contact our team where we will be happy to assist.

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  1. Sika Monotop 614F, 25Kg
    Sika Monotop 614F, 25Kg

    A one component flowable repair mortar (High Flow) containing shrinkage compensators and high range water-reducing agents.

    From £35.88 £29.90
  2. Mapei Mapegrout SV
    Mapei Mapegrout SV

    A fast-setting and hardening, shrinkage compensated, easy flow mortar. For repairing concrete, fixing inspection shafts, manholes and highway coating ...

    From £49.03 £40.86
  3. Sika Sikadur 31 Plus
    Sika Sikadur 31 Plus

    An epoxy adhesive for structural bonding and concrete repair. For DIY and Professional applications.

    From £41.03 £34.19
  4. Mapei Planitop Smooth and Repair R4
    Mapei Planitop Smooth and Repair R4

    A rapid-setting fibre-reinforced structural cementitious mortar, applied in a single layer from 3 to 40 mm thick, for repairing and smoothing concrete...

    From £40.43 £33.69
  5. Mapei Mapegrout SV T
    Mapei Mapegrout SV T

    Quick-setting and hardening, shrinkage compensated, thixotropic mortar for repairing concrete and fixing drains, manholes and urban fixtures.

    From £42.74 £35.62
  6. Mapei Mapegrout SV Fiber
    Mapei Mapegrout SV Fiber

    A flowable, quick setting cementitious mortar suitable for application down to temperatures as low as -5°C.

    From £53.81 £44.84
  7. Fosroc Conbextra HF
    Fosroc Conbextra HF

    A high-flow, non-shrink, cementitious grout. Class R4.

    From £26.40 £22.00
  8. Fosroc Conbextra TS
    Fosroc Conbextra TS

    A high-flow, non-shrink, aggregate filled cementitious grout. Class R4.

    From £44.78 £37.32
  9. Fosroc Paveroc
    Fosroc Paveroc

    A high performance reinstatement mortar for concrete pavements and floors. Conforms to BS EN 1504-3 Class R4.

    From £1,033.54 £861.28
  10. Fosroc Renderoc Primer
    Fosroc Renderoc Primer

    A 2 pack high performance Polymer / Cement Slurry Bonding agent.

    From £36.66 £30.55
  11. Mapei Mapegrout T60
    Mapei Mapegrout T60

    A sulphate resistant, fibre reinforced shrinkage compensated thixotropic mortar for the repair of concrete – class R4.

    From £30.44 £25.37
  12. Fosroc Patchroc GP
    Fosroc Patchroc GP

    A fast setting emergency patching mortar for concrete pavements and floors. Conforms to BS EN 1504-3 Class R4.

    From £54.24 £45.20
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