Fosroc Galvafroid Anti Corrosion Galvanizing Paint

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A zinc rich coating formulated as an easily applied, cold galvanising protector against corrosion on all ferrous metals.
Available as 800ml and 1.9 Litres
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£36.72 (£44.06 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Fosroc Galvafroid is a zinc rich galvanizing coating formulated as an easily applied, cold galvanising protector against corrosion on all ferrous metals. Galvafroid has a mid-grey, matt finish. A rust inhibiting primer galvanizing paint.

Best Uses

Fosroc Galvafroid is formulated to provide a galvanic paint protection on iron and steel. Galvafroid can be used as a self-finish or as a durable rust inhibiting primer beneath selected top coats. It is recommended for the protection of structural steelwork, agricultural and construction plant and machinery, gates, railings, iron pipework and guttering, and the rust prevention of in-situ welding work.

  • Protects ferrous metals against rust
  • Suitable as a primer or self-finish
  • Easily applied by brush or roller


All ferrous surfaces must be clean and free from oil, grease, mill scale, rust and existing coatings. This is best achieved by grit blasting, although thorough wire brushing can be sufficient. Some rust removers based on phosphoric acid tend to leave an electrically insulating film on ferrous metals and must not be used.

Galvafroid must be thoroughly stirred to give a uniform product prior to application. It is recommended that the contents are stirred periodically during application to avoid settlement. Galvafroid is supplied at the correct consistency for direct application from the tin but, should it be found necessary to thin, only Fosroc Thinner / Cleaner should be added, at a rate not exceeding 1 litre of thinners to 8 litres of Galvafroid galvanising paint.

In order to obtain the protective properties of Galvafroid, it is important that the correct rate of application is achieved. The minimum application temperature is 5°C.
All prepared surfaces should be treated with one or more coats of Galvafroid. The material should be liberally applied without any attempt to brush or roll out. The required thickness of coating may be built up by successive applications of Galvafroid when the previous coat is completely dry.

Where required, Galvafroid may be painted to improve durability or to enhance appearance. The Galvafroid galvanising coating should not be rubbed down to obtain a smooth surface for finishing paints. For general purposes, a good oil bound or alkyd paint should be used. Contact our technical team for a suitable topcoat.

Where the work is subject to corrosive and marine conditions, however, a non-saponifiable finishing paint should be used, i.e. Chlorinated rubber paint. It is advisable to allow the Galvafroid coating to weather for at least 3 days before applying the finishing coat. Cellulose and bituminous paints are not generally suitable for over-painting Galvafroid.

Galvafroid is formulated for application to clean ferrous substrates and should not be used on rusty, corroded surfaces.
Galvafroid should not be applied over existing coatings.