Park Home & Static Caravan Paint

About Park Home & Static Caravan Paint
If you own a Static Home on a Residential Park and feel it’s time to revitalise the exterior look to the metal cladding then Promain are able to offer a range of metal cladding paint in over 30,000 colours. Our metal cladding paint is available in either water based or solvent based. Both are long lasting, durable and easy to apply by either brush or roller. The use of an airless spay offers the best finish and ease of application. Coverage is also good as a 10 litre tub is enough paint to coat approximately 80m2 with one coat. For the average static home on a Residential Park you will require 20 litres of paint. Many Park Homes are constructed of magnesium oxide board (MGO) from companies such as Magply. Promain offer a roller applied render coating with a built in mesh to increase its strength that is not only flexible but waterproof also. The Centrecoat Flex Render is easy to apply offers an athletically pleasing low texture finish that is available in a wide range of colours. For Park Homes that are constructed using wood effect cladding Promain offer a range of flexible paints offering up to a 15 year warranty against pealing or blistering.