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Do you have a tennis court in need of cleaning or an astro turf football pitch in need of a clean after a heavy winter period? You’re in the right place as Promain have a fantastic range of industrial interior and exterior sports cleaners and degreasers ideal for a variety of purposes. 

After a heavy winter outdoor playgrounds, astro turf and tennis courts to name just a few can look grubby and require a little tender loving care. Interior sports surfaces such as sports halls and gymnasiums can also need an uplift in appearance. We have been working very hard over our decades of paint experience to find the perfect suppliers for sports cleaners and degreasers designed to not only give your surface a new lease of life but more importantly give you the perfect base for a new coat of varnish, paint or oil. 


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  1. Glixtone Fungi-Shield FS42 - FS43
    Glixtone Fungi-Shield FS42 - FS43

    A water-based coating offering long term protection against fungal attack, mould or mildew.

    From £38.40 £32.00

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Exteriors surfaces tend to need attention after the winter months however interiors such as gym’s may require less frequent attention as the elements do not play as big a factor. Our range comes from some of the biggest names worldwide in sports paints and cleaners such as Rustoleum, Everbuild and Centrecoat. Our range of sports hall cleaners not only are designed to not only clean but give added protection to any surface and with industry leaders combined with our decades of experience you can rest assured we will point you in the right direction. 

Paint to cleaners, astro turf to tennis courts we have cleaners for them all!!