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  1. Rustoleum Murfill Renovation Paint
    Rustoleum Murfill Renovation Paint

    Murfill Renovation Paint is 400% Elastomeric, Bridges gaps up to 2 mm. 100% waterproof, washable and micro-porous.

    From £55.02 £45.85
  2. Bedec Extra Flex Elastomeric Masonry Paint
    Bedec Extra Flex Elastomeric Masonry Paint

    Microporous Masonry Paint with up to 400% elasticity for use over cracks. For roughcast, pebble-dash, brickwork, cement and concrete rendered surfaces.

    From £47.99 £39.99
  3. Sika Sikagard® 675W ElastoColor, Formerly Monolastic
    Sika Sikagard® 675W ElastoColor, Formerly Monolastic

    A one part, water dispersed coating, designed for the protection and decoration of fair faced concrete.

    From £243.60 £203.00
  4. Mapei Elastocolor Pittura Paint
    Mapei Elastocolor Pittura Paint

    Based on acrylic resins in water dispersion used to protect the surfaces of concrete and cement renders from aggressive agents present in the atmosphere.

    From £156.26 £130.22
  5. Rustoleum Murfill Waterproofing Coating
    Rustoleum Murfill Waterproofing Coating

    A waterproofing paint / anti-carbonation paint for exterior walls.

    From £64.31 £53.59
  6. Mapei Elastocolor Waterproof
    Mapei Elastocolor Waterproof

    A protective acrylic waterproof coat suitable for surfaces which are in permanent contact with water, such as flat roofs and water tanks.

    From £191.21 £159.34
  7. Mapei Elastocolor Tonachino Plus
    Mapei Elastocolor Tonachino Plus

    A flexible, water repellent, mould & algae resistant elastomeric plaster for the hygienic protection of walls, in internal and external applications.

    From £122.92 £102.43
  8. Fosroc Dekguard Elastic
    Fosroc Dekguard Elastic

    A high performance crack-bridging elastomeric acrylic protective and decorative coating for concrete and masonry.

    From £290.27 £241.89
  9. Fosroc Dekguard E2000
    Fosroc Dekguard E2000

    A single pack, water based, crack-accommodating elastomeric protective coating for reinforced concrete and masonry structures.

    From £260.92 £217.43
  10. Centrecoat Color Flex
    Centrecoat Color Flex

    A high crack bridging, anti carbonation, water repellent masonry paint for walls and Park Homes.

    From £175.96 £146.63

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