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About Astroturf Artificial Grass Paint

High Performance Artificial Grass Paint

Astroturf is a popular surface for sports pitches that can be played on in almost any weather condition. The need for high quality line marking paint is essential when you are looking to coat AstroTurf or Artifical Grass. With excellent colour retention and a high level of durability, the line marking paint we supply is ideally suited for application to sports pitches, courts and athletic tracks. Incorporating UV resistant polyurethane technology, the artificial grass line marking paint we supply is manufactured with solid colour retention properties, so that it maintains it's appearance throughout it’s lifetime. Some sports courts and pitches require different colours, and because of this, Promain make sure that we provide all the colours you could possibly need for your sports pitches and courts. 

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  1. ProSolve Temporary Linemarker Aerosols
    ProSolve Temporary Linemarker Aerosols

    Formulated for short term indentification onto concrete, tarmac, wood, composites, grass etc.

    From £138.08 £115.07
  2. Sports Coatings Sports-Line AG For Artificial Grass
    Sports Coatings Sports-Line AG For Artificial Grass

    A two pack polyurethane line-marking paint for artificial grass and polymeric sports surfaces.

    From £108.00 £90.00

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Industry Standard Astroturf Paint

At Promain we provide a range of astroturf paint to customers across the UK, our astroturf paint products have been sourced to the highest standards and what’s more, is we only stock industry-leading products. You can trust that you’re in the right place for astroturf paint and artificial grass paint, as specialists in the area, we aim to help to renovate your space as well as use a range of painting and coating products, to help transform your astro turf or artificial grass. Promain really are the team to call on, for more information simply contact our team today, or you can view our range of products online. We’re considered to be one of the leading suppliers of artificial grass paint in the UK and offer a range of coating and painting solutions. We are specialists and provide artificial grass paint for a range of industrial and commercial premises, we have a team of skilled and professional experts who are committed to providing paint solutions that are high quality and the best value, all of our painting experts have the necessary knowledge and resources needed to make sure that your project is delivered on time and provides the best results. At Promain our artificial grass specialists work closely alongside a number of clients to help provide them with solutions that meet their expectations and budgets, we work with a range of manufacturers so we can offer an extensive product range to our customers, as well as provide them with affordable solutions that meet every budget.

A Range of Artificial Grass Paint Colours

Here at Promain we offer a range of astroturf paint in various colours. Although white is a classic colour for sports fields, we also offer a range of other colours too. If you are marking the lines for a professional sports event, you will probably have regulation colors that you need to stick to. If it is just for fun, then you can let your imagination run wild and choose the colors that look more interesting to you. Not everyone is aware that you can also paint on logos, messages and sponsor details in the same way. This is an enjoyable task that can let you experiment with.

Quality Artificial Grass Paint

Our range of artificial grass paint products are the perfect option for areas that experience heavy-duty traffic, they are also great for those areas that experience fading and what’s more is, when you choose our paint and coatings we also offer waterproof products for your astro turf or artificial grass. At Promain, we only offer the best products available on the market, and our professional team is always on hand to answer any questions or queries that you may have regarding artificial grass paints. When you choose our company for your astro turf paint, trust that you’ll receive the very best products and technical advice as well as complete customer satisfaction.

Artificial Grass Paint Remover

If you are in need of removing artificial grass paint many of our artificial grass paint can be simply washed away with soap and water, however other cases you may need to use a specialist paint remover. If you need to get rid of the lines quickly and without any fuss, then you could consider using green paint and just painting over them. In this case, the most difficult part is going to be in finding the perfect shade of green to match your artificial grass, however here at Promain we have a range of artificial grass paint to choose from.

Astro Turf Paint Suppliers

As technical experts, when it comes to artificial grass paint and coatings, we understand that they need to be robust and strong enough to withstand constant high traffic levels as well as exposure to the elements. It’s also important that the artificial grass paints maintain a clean and tidy appearance, ensuring it’s easy for users to see and stays clear. At Promain, we ensure that all of these points are paramount when it comes to providing our artificial grass coatings and paints to our customers. All of our products incorporate the latest technology and techniques, this is to make sure that we deliver professional products that are efficient and value for money. Our range of artificial grass paint products is extensive and aims to cover all needs and requirements, from re coating maintenance to artificial grass coating repairs, we have got you covered. Should you require any guidance on the artificial grass coating products that we provide, feel free to contact the Promain team today. Our technical team is fully equipped with all of the necessary knowledge when it comes to choosing the right artificial grass paints for your requirements. We can always be on hand and are here to provide you with the guidance and advice that you need. So what are you waiting for, call Promain today.

Buy Artificial Grass Paint Online from Promain Paints

If you are looking for Astroturf line marking paints then make sure you take advantage of the fantastic products that we have available here at Promain. We only ever sell line marking materials that we know are durable and provide 100% customer satisfaction. We understand how disappointing it can be purchasing a product that turns out to be bad quality and that is why we make sure we only ever sell the best of the best that do exactly what they say on the tin. Our artificial grass line marking sprays will provide fantastic colour retention throughout its service life and can be used on all types of synthetic grass and astroturf to provide you with hard wearing sports pitches, courts and athletic tracks. 

If you have any questions about the Astroturf and Artificial Grass Line Marking Paint that we have available, make sure that you give us a call as we would be more than happy to provide you with the answers you need as well as any advice that you may need. Promain only ever sell products that we would be more than happy using ourselves as we know the products that we supply are all high quality and provide the very best in astroturf line marking.