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About Fluorescent and Reflective Paints

If you are looking for fluorescent aerosol sprays then take a look at this range of products Promain supply. These fluorescent and glow in the dark aerosol sprays are perfect when it comes to applying safety markings and colour coding. We also supply light reflective aerosols. Promain like to make sure that our customers are getting only the very best in fluorescent aerosol sprays, which is why we only supply products from trusted manufacturers like Rustoleum.

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  1. Rustoleum Fluorescent Topcoats 2200 Aerosol
    Rustoleum Fluorescent Topcoats 2200 Aerosol

    Rustoleum Mathys Fluorescent Topcoats 2200 are ideal for stencils, safety markings and colour coding.

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4 Items

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The fluorescent paints that we have available are a great way of applying safety markings in dark areas. Fluorescent paints are great for stencils and are great for use in children's bedrooms or to add that special something to an arts and crafts project. We have glow in the dark and fluorescent paints that will glow in the dark for just two hours or alternatively there are aerosols that are a lot longer lasting and all of which can be washed off if necessary.

We make sure that all of the fluorescent aerosol sprays that we provide our customers are from the best manufacturers possible. Most of our bright fluorescent aerosol sprays are from Rustoleum Mathys, a manufacturer that we know we can trust and who we know produce high quality products. Here at Promain we only sell products that we would be comfortable and happy using ourselves.

If you need fluorescent paint aerosols or reflective paint aerosols then make sure that you look no further than the fantastic products that we have available here at Promain.