Mapei Mapegrout T60

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A sulphate resistant, fibre reinforced shrinkage compensated thixotropic mortar for the repair of concrete – class R4.
Available in 25 Kg bags
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£21.46 (£25.75 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Mapei Mapegrout T60 is a single component, sulphate-resistant, fibre-reinforced, shrinkage compensated, thixotropic mortar for the repair of concrete and reinforced structures.

Mapegrout T60 is a pre-blended thixotropic cement based mortar composed of sulphate-resistant hydraulic binders, synthetic polyacrylonitrile fibres, organic corrosion inhibitors, select aggregates and special water-retaining admixtures developed by Mapei.  Mapegrount is ideal for concrete structures subject to sulphate attack and for repairs to concrete coverings damaged by corroded reinforcing bars.

Approved for use by London Underground.

Best Uses

Use Mapegrout T60 for repairs to pre-cast concrete structures, canal linings, hydraulic works, filling of rigid joints, cracks in floors, joints between walls, etc.


Mapegrout T60 is supplied in powder form for mixing with water. Apply Mapegrout T60 using a putty knife or trowel to vertical surfaces in layers up to 4 cm thick or on ceilings up to 2 cm thick.  Mapegrout T60 can also be applied using spray equipment.