Introducing Etch Primer Products For Metal

When it comes to metal primers it is easy to get lost in the about of products available on the market. In this article, the team at Promain hope to guide you through our selection of metal etch primer solutions. So if you are looking for a etching primer for metal look no further!

What Are Etch Primer Paints?

Etch primers are formulated to bite into aluminium and metals to provide a good sound key for a range of paints. There are a range of single pack and two pack etch primers available on the market.

Two pack etch primers are much harder and provide much greater protection than single pack etching primers. You can further reinforce the protection with the use of a quality two pack top coat. However, there are superior quality single pack primer coatings such as Zinga – a cold galvanising paint. Zinga will provide a durable coating better than some 2 pack primers.

However, please bear in mind that using Zinga as a primer leads to issues with some topcoats compatibility. If you require a full protective metal coating system, it is best to contact our technical team. Our impartial team can provide guidance on a full range of manufacturers metal coating products.

Usually, most metal protective coatings start with a etch paint primer. Next you follow with a mid coat such as a suitable 2 pack epoxy. Finally, you finish off with a polyurethane topcoat. These systems are regularly found in the industry sectors such as Network Rail or Highways systems for street furniture & bridges.

For example, the below Highways Agency products are approved for metal protection within a system:

HA Number 109 International Paints International Interzinc 52
Hempel Hempel Hempadur 17360
Jotun Jotun Barrier 80
PPG PPG SigmaZinc 109 HS
Sherwin Williams Sherwin Williams Zinc Clad M501
HA Number 110 International Paints International Intergard 307
Hempel Hempel Hempadur 1555 E
Jotun Jotun Penguard Special B10
PPG PPG Sigma EP 110 Primer
Sherwin Williams Sherwin Williams Transgard TG110

Best Etch Primers

We would suggest you stick to the brand of the metal paint topcoats you are intending to use. For example, if you are using a PPG system, use a PPG etch primer.

Below are a range of etch primers available from Promain:

Centrecoat Etch Primer

Centrecoat Etch Primer is a rapid drying metal primer which is designed for use on galvanised surfaces. This product provides a specialist formulation without zinc chromates in order to reduce the risk of toxicity. Also benefits from being fast drying and allows a good base for a wide range of topcoats.

Centrecoat Etch Primer contains anti-corrosive pigments and its main purpose is to improve the adhesion for following-on coats of paint.

International Interprime 539

International Interprime 539 is suitable as an above water pre-treatment primer designed to promote subsequent topcoat scheme adhesion to, and seal the surface of non-ferrous metals.

Interprime 539 is particularly suitable for priming galvanised steel surfaces. For use at Newbuilding, Maintenance & Repair or On Board Maintenance.



As a side note, don’t confuse etch primers with T washes or mordant solutions. These products are cleaners – not primers.


If you require further information or specifications for metal contact our technical team. We can provide aluminium etch primer paints or etching primer for aluminium solutions no matter your project.

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