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As regular suppliers to councils and schools, it is not surprising that Promain‘s technical team frequently get requests for specifications regarding playground paint. If you are a contractor looking for professional grade products for painting playground equipment look no further. Below we will discuss the various playground paint coatings found in play areas.

Metal Coatings For Painting Playground Equipment

If you are looking to rejuvenate metal playground equipment, Promain have a huge range of professional grade metal coatings. With metalwork that is constantly exposed to the elements, it is important that the metal coating is tough, UV resistant and long lasting. Another significant factor to remember when applying playground paint to metal is speed of drying. Due to the intensity of colours and the quantity of coats required for some metal paints, a fast return to service not only saves contractors time and therefore money, but also allows playground equipment to be applied and dried with less downtime to the area for children.

Promain regularly specify Rust-Oleum Alkythane as a metal playground paint. Available in gloss, satin and matt finishes, you can apply this versatile product down to 5°C. This allows for application over the cooler winter months. As an anti-rust paint that offers excellent UV resistance and gloss retention, Rust-Oleum 7500 Alkythane reaches full opacity and protection in just one coat. However, initial use of a Rust-Oleum alkyd primer will increase durability. Touch dry in 2 hours at 20°C, 7500 Alkythane will provide a waterproof surface to metal in a huge range of tintable shades.

Apart from alkyds, enamels are especially good coatings for metalwork that suffer from exposure to the elements. For example, Teamac Tractor Enamel provides a professional heavy-duty finish to metal even in the harshest of environments. Available in a range of bright, solid colours, Teamac Tractor Enamel is rapid drying, durable and weather resistant. However you can only apply it by brush to small areas. For larger areas you will need to apply it via spray.

Colourful Metal Railing Paint For Playgrounds

Exclusively available from Promain, Centrecoat Fast Dry Gloss is available for next day delivery to most locations throughout the UK. Tintable to over 30,000 shades, this quality product is regularly on specifications by councils and schools to protect and finish metal railings. To find out more, read this case study from a recent railing project in Luton:

However, be careful of equipment that has already been coated in a powder coating. If this appears to be the case, you will more than likely need an adhesion promoter.

Playground Paint: Rust Prevention For Playground Equipment

For connecting nuts and bolts that are at risk of rust, Promain suggest the use of rust prevention coatings. We also can provide a range of rust converters for metal components such as Flag Rust Converter. If you would like advice on rust converters or more, contact our technical team. Alternatively visit our Rust Converter category to see our full range.

Line Marking Paint For Playgrounds Including Temporary Playground Markers

Promain pride ourselves in being the UK’s largest distributor of line marking paints and thermoplastics. Depending on the substrate, we provide line marking solutions for grass, concrete, tarmac and more. We even supply line marking for London Underground, airports, warehouses and delivery depots.

We can also provide line marking aerosols for temporary marking. For example, during the summer of 2020 we were regularly supplying social distancing stencils and aerosols to schools to prepare for children to return to site. Temporary line marking solutions are also ideal for sports days, temporary games, fire drills and more.

We also have a huge range of thermoplastic logos, words and numbers for simple application via gas torch.

For the painting of play areas laid with polymeric bouncy substrate, we would suggest the use of Sports-Cote PU Line Marking Paint. This coating provides outstanding adhesion and, in compliance with sporting standards, it offers excellent anti slip properties.

Introducing Thermoplastic Games

A great way to inspire play outside is with Centrecoat’s range of thermoplastic games. From basketball courts to times table grids, these durable, apply and forget play areas are cost effective, simple to install and safe for play.

View our full range of thermoplastic playground games here:

Coatings For Timber Play Area Equipment

If you are looking for a wood paint solution for timber play area equipment look no further. Promain provide a huge range of professional coatings from specialist wood manufacturers such as Tikkurila, Teknos, Owatrol and Osmo.

For example, Tikkurila Everal Aqua is a water-based wooden play area paint that is ideal for exterior use on wooden play equipment. However, it is equally suitable for interior use on a range of surfaces including wooden furniture and doors.

Following an enquiry regarding painting some playground equipment in Kent, a member of our technical team discussed another project the contractor was undertaking. This was painting beach huts. Products like Teknos Woodex Aqua Solid are ideal for exterior wood that is exposed to the elements. Tintable to a full range of shades, this product is ideal for bespoke the decoration of wood playground equipment.

Want to find out more about the beach hut project? Read the case study below:

Beach Hut Paint: Folkestone Harbour Case Study


Our technical team are regularly specifying a range of products for playground equipment during the summer. However, if you require further information regarding your specific project please call us on 01438 321333.

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