Metal Railing Paint Recoating in Luton, Beds

After a site visit, the technical team at Promain recommended the use of CentreCoat Rapid Dry Primer and CentreCoat Rapid Dry Gloss as a durable topcoat as this will offer excellent resistance to existing rust and the top coat contained polyurethane that not only offers flexibility (a key factor on dark colours where the metal can expand and contract due to hot and cold weather)  but will retain its gloss for many years.

The existing coating was unknown, but appeared to be flaking considerably, not only exposing previous coatings but rust was visible which needed to be removed to prevent it from evolving further.

Recoating Metal Railing Paint

Metal Railing Anti Rust Paint

Before the project could commence, the metal railings required preparation. This was by using a wire brush in the end of an electric drill. Preparation is always an important factor, especially with intricate metalwork that had to remain on site. Generally, sandblasting the rails would be the next step. However, as the railings were next to a small river containing vegetation and fish, this was not ideal.

The use of a stiff brush took care of the paint dust. It was then wiped with a spirit to remove any grease that was still present. After this was completed, an initial base coat of CentreCoat Rapid Dry Primer was painted onto the rails using a brush by the team of workmen. This provided a suitable surface for the top coat of black CentreCoat Rapid Dry Gloss to be applied. The work was took place in small sections. This was so that the path did not need closing to keep disruption to a minimum.

Centrecoat Rapid Dry Gloss


The CentreCoat Rapid Dry range provide an economical, fast drying, quick return to service option. It has good anti-corrosive properties suitable for steel and metal substrates. Therefore, it is ideal for council’s to specify for metal railing paint. It is available in a full range of BS4800 and RAL colours. You can also apply the topcoat in low temperatures. It provides good chemical and water resistance. This makes it perfect for the climate in the UK!

If you or your company are looking for a update on your metal railing paint, contact our technical team for the best paint for your project. In conclusion, we have years of expertise in a full range of manufacturers. Promain Paints can specify the best paint for you and your budget.

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