Metal Paint Finishes For Vehicles

Rustoleum Combicolor

Metal Paint Finishes for Vehicles

We were recently contacted by a customer who had purchased Rustoleum CombiColor paint after watching an episode of ‘Flipping Bangers‘ which featured Promain.

Our customer Glyn was thrilled with the results from CombiColor, and we can see why! Below, he explains how he came to choose Rustoleum CombiColor and the steps he took to get these fantastic results.

Why Choose CombiColor?

“The reason I went with Rustoleum CombiColor was after watching an episode of ‘Flipping Bangers’ where they used it on an old Suzuki SJ410. Having considered a proper re-spray, rattle-can and wrapping, I really liked the idea of using a brush or roller and that it was supposed to flatten out by itself. I wanted it for my 1998 Jeep Cherokee XJ, whose original ‘deep amethyst’ paint was looking very tired, scuffed, scratched, with little dings in it and the lacquer peeling off on the roof.

I wanted purple as I couldn’t be bothered changing the V5! The nearest I could find to purple in the satin range was Red Lilac, so I bought some of that and tried it on the roof and bonnet. Nice, but too pink.

Next, I got some Ultramarine Blue and mixed 2/3rds red lilac and 1/3rd blue to get the colour you see here.”


On To The Bike!

“My bike (a 2016 Triumph Bonneville T120 1200) was a separate project, and I was just going to rattle-can it, but thought the same paint may go well and be tough and rust-resistant too, with the advantage that any damage could be rolled over. The paint has gone on steel, aluminium and plastic and has taken well to all of it. I did the bike first though and was happy to then go ahead with the Jeep.  Just finished last week.”

The bike colour is 90% Reseda green and 10% black.


“The paint has gone on steel, aluminium and plastic and has taken well to all of it”

We’re sure you’ll agree the results speak for themselves! Glyn has done a fantastic job on both vehicles. We would like to extend our thanks to him for allowing us to share these great pictures with you.

You can follow Glyn and his story of rebuilding his Jeep Cherokee on Facebook.

The Benefits of Using Rustoleum CombiColor

Rustoleum CombicolorCombiColor is a lead free, rust inhibiting, primer and paint in one, saving you both time and money.  This all in one paint and primer is ideal for use on railings, garage doors, buildings, machines, vehicles and a variety of other metal appliances. CombiColor is sag resistant and self-levelling, leaving no brush strokes. Furthermore, once dry, it remains flexible under all conditions, bending with the metal without flaking or cracking.

Available in the Colour Shop range of 30,000 colours, CombiColor really is one of the best metal paint finishes on the market.

Want To Know More?

You can read our original article on Promain’s involvement with Flipping Bangers on Blaze TV here:

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You can also watch a clip on YouTube here:

Promain Appears on Flipping Bangers


If you have a similar project that you need help with, or are looking for alternative 2 in 1 primer and paint options, or even an ultra wood primer or paint, then please contact us today, we have a highly trained Technical Team ready to help.

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