Metal Cladding Paint: RGE Group Case Study

Recently our technical team were contacted by RGE Group looking for a metal cladding paint for their 70,000sq/ft capacity central distribution facility in Alconbury. RGE Group were also looking for our recommendations for qualified applicators that work in their area of the country.

Introducing MJJM Industrial Spraying Contractors

After a discussion with our technical team, we contacted one of our regular customers – MJJM Industrial Spraying Contractors. With a huge portfolio of industrial roofs and cladding under their belt, MJJM would be the ideal contractors for coating the 70,000sq/ft site.

The Project

RGE Group headquarters in Alconbury provides design, printing, welding and assembly services alongside injection moulding, tooling and product development services.

The 70,000sq/ft site was looking tired, with green growth on the external walls. The client wanted the site to reflect the professionalism of the company inside and out.

The Site Prior To Application

As distributors for all the most professional coating manufacturers, Promain have a comprehensive range of cladding solutions. Take a look at our cladding categories here:

Promain recommended the building be thoroughly cleaned with Rust-Oleum ND14 Cleaner and Degreaser and then coated in Centrecoat WB Cladding Paint. However, they could have used Centrecoat R09 Heavy Duty Surface Cleaner if they had preferred.

Centrecoat WB Cladding Paint

Centrecoat WB Cladding Paint was selected for this project, as it is a high quality, anti-corrosive water based cladding paint. This cladding paint is fast drying and holds a good wet edge. This product is ideally suited for industrial units that have been manufactured using Plastisol cladding. However, it is also suitable for wooden cladding, carbon steel, modular buildings and containers. Furthermore, this exterior metal cladding paint benefits from being:

  • Tintable to most BS4800 and RAL Colours
  • Waterborne coating with proven adhesion to a wide range of substrates
  • Non-toxic environmentally friendly coating
  • Fast drying
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to apply
  • Excellent coverage
  • Long track record

Take a look at our product page to find more information >>

Mocking Up The Project

As the customers were unsure which colours would look best on the exterior of the building, Promain produced a range of mock ups to help the client decide which colour theme to go for. As with any painting project, picking the wrong colour is a disaster. It is even more of a monetary risk with such a large area.

Below are the mock ups we provided:

Promain Mock Up’s Of The RGE Group Site

If you require mock ups of a site prior to purchasing metal cladding paint, please contact our technical team. We will do our utmost to provide an rough example from a provided photograph of the building.

Finally, the customers decided on RAL 7016, with accents of RAL 7037 around the window frames and doors.


Battling thorough lockdowns, poor weather and staff availability issues, MJJM commenced work on the project in May 2021.

Mark from our technical team came to inspect progress while MJJM were preparing the substrate. Firstly, as the site consists of multiple buildings, the team at MJJM cleaned and prepared the cladding in sections as weather permitted. Afterwards, when the area was thoroughly clean, the windows were masked off with Indasa Masking Tape.

Finally, application of the coating was made in sections using industrial spraying equipment.

During Application
Finally The Completed Project


Promain’s technical team have extensive experience with protective coatings on industrial sites. Therefore, if you require a coating for your metal or Plastisol cladding give our technical team a call. We can provide both metal cladding paint and roofing systems that are built to last.

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