How To Apply Tennis Court Paint Guide

Tennis Court Paint

Do you want to know how to apply tennis court paint correctly? Well you are in the right place! Read on to discover the best practices and how to avoid pitfalls during your maintenance.

How To Apply Tennis Court Paint: Preparation

Remove debris etc by sweeping with a stiff broom. All remaining stubborn moss and dirt should be removed by jet wash. Inspect the surface to ensure it has not suffered for excessive fretting. If in doubt please email close up photographs to the technical department for their advice.

Prior to painting, it is recommended that you apply by either backpack sprayer or by a watering can with a fine rose on a good fungicidal wash such as Centrecoat GS36. This removes any green algae and spores that may be present. This ensures that the tennis court paint will correctly adhere to the substrate without contamination. You should leave it to work for 5-7 days. This depends on how contaminated your own personal tennis court area is. You may require a second application of the GS36 moss and mould remover. 1 x 5 litres of GS36 is normally sufficient to clean a tennis court.

The Tennis Court Paint Package

Centrecourt Premium Tennis Court Paint package is available in a full range of popular tennis court colours. This package contains 11x 20 litres for application by roller. You require less for spray application. It is normal to use 6 x 20 litres of paint on the run off and 5x 20 litres for the play area. This can be in a colour combination of your choice.

We supply a 5 litre tin of white line marking paint for white lines. Use the existing lines as a guide for the new lines. 50mm wide tape is available to mask the newly painted surface, or the use of a chalk line is also recommended to make out the new lines.

This painting system is suitable for porous macadam tennis courts as well as concrete courts. This tennis court paint will help define the play area, and enhance the appearance of the court. It will also impart durability and slip resistance to comply with SAPCA’s Code of Practice for the Painting of Porous Macadam Tennis and Netball Courts.

A full application kit including a telescopic paint roller pole, double arm roller frame, paint scuttle and medium pile roller refills is available. This package can be found on our online shop here.

How To Apply Tennis Court Paint: The Painting Process

Unless you own a sufficiently large airless sprayer that has a sufficiently large nozzle for the fine aggregate in the paint, then the best method of applying Centrecourt Premium Tennis Court Paint is with the use of a double armed roller frame and medium pile rollers. Please note, you must always decant the paint into a paint scuttle rather than pouring the paint directly onto the court. Pouring the paint directly onto the court will cause areas where the paint is excessively thick causing a risk of slippage.

Apply the paint sparingly. It is designed to coat the surface, not fill the drainage in the tarmac. We recommend you place the tins of paint around the court and calculate how much area a tin will cover rather than just starting at one end and hoping you have enough paint to complete the project.

How To Apply Tennis Court Paint: Maintenance

Tennis Court PaintDirt accumulates in standing water, leaving stains and piles of waste. This acts like sandpaper under the players’ feet and creates scrapes and scuffs on the surface. We recommend a regular clean. Detailed guidance on the factors can be found in SAPCA’s Code of Practice.

The overall area of a tennis court including the run off is 625m2. As the average user rollers the paint on, your arm should get a good work out by doing so. If not you aren’t doing it properly!

Once you paint the tennis court with this product, it can expect to cope with regular use for a number of years. Longevity of the coating will vary dependant upon location, use and maintenance. Certain factors will influence the performance of the coating and may well result in premature wear.

Do you require any advice in regards tennis court paint application or requirements? Contact our technical team today on 01462 421333 to discuss your needs with our manufacturer trained staff.

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