Established in 1983, Tikkurila UK has over 30 years experience in the coatings industry in various markets from interior wall emulsions to nuclear engineering coatings. Tikkurila have a range of products on the London Underground paint coatings register as well as systems for marine corrosion protection.

Tikkurila industrial coatings are manufactured in Finland and distributed by Promain UK Ltd.

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  1. Tikkurila Betolux Akva Floor Paint
    Tikkurila Betolux Akva Floor Paint

    An easy to work with, quick drying single pack floor paint. LuL APR No.2450

    From £26.98 £22.48
  2. Tikkurila Everal Aqua 10 / 40 / 80
    Tikkurila Everal Aqua 10 / 40 / 80

    Water based paint for use on either interior or exterior wood, window trims and metal.

    From £57.90 £48.25
  3. Tikkurila Finngard Opaque
    Tikkurila Finngard Opaque

    A waterborne, alkyd-reinforced acrylic paint for use on exterior facades. A breathable anti-carbonation coating for internal and external use.

    From £87.83 £73.19
  4. Tikkurila Fontefacade SC10 / SC50
    Tikkurila Fontefacade SC10 / SC50

    Water-based, single pack, fast drying acrylate exterior single coat paints for mineral masonry.

    From £382.32 £318.60
  5. Tikkurila Helmi 10 / 30 / 80
    Tikkurila Helmi 10 / 30 / 80

    A multi-purpose internal furniture paint available in 3 gloss levels. Suitable for coating both metal and wood internally.

    From £72.40 £60.33
  6. Tikkurila Helmi Primer Pohjamaali
    Tikkurila Helmi Primer Pohjamaali

    Water based primer ideal for priming previously painted and new timber surfaces.

    From £72.40 £60.33
  7. Tikkurila Luja Finishing Paint 7 / 20 / 40
    Tikkurila Luja Finishing Paint 7 / 20 / 40

    A water based acrylate interior wall and ceiling paint that will protect against mould. LUL APR No.2447

    From £74.83 £62.36
  8. Tikkurila Multistop Tannin Blocker
    Tikkurila Multistop Tannin Blocker

    A water-based blocking internal wood primer for reducing the discolouration of wood oils, resin and tannin.

    From £77.47 £64.56
  9. Tikkurila Optiva 3 Ceramic Super Matt
    Tikkurila Optiva 3 Ceramic Super Matt

    A durable, wipeable paint for new and previously painted walls and ceilings. LUL Registered No.2446

    From £53.82 £44.85
  10. Tikkurila Optiva 5 / 7 / 20
    Tikkurila Optiva 5 / 7 / 20

    Advanced, highly durable, scrub resistant internal wall paint for high traffic areas. LuL APR No.2446

    From £44.12 £36.77
  11. Tikkurila Optiva Primer
    Tikkurila Optiva Primer

    A water-based, acrylic primer for use on new and previously painted interior walls and ceilings. LUL APR No.244

    From £19.51 £16.26
  12. Tikkurila Otex Adhesion Primer
    Tikkurila Otex Adhesion Primer

    Quick-drying adhesion primer for priming and undercoating new and previously painted surfaces.

    From £70.15 £58.46
  13. Tikkurila Patio Paving Stain
    Tikkurila Patio Paving Stain

    A waterborne stain to renew driveways or industrially dyed and uncoloured concrete garden stones and slabs with fresh new colour.

    From £15.55 £12.96
  14. Tikkurila Pinja Pro
    Tikkurila Pinja Pro

    A professional water-borne acrylate exterior topcoat for wooden cladding, panels and fascias.

    From £299.76 £249.80
  15. Tikkurila Pinja Top
    Tikkurila Pinja Top

    A water-borne fast drying acrylate opaque exterior paint for wood.

    From £290.16 £241.80
  16. Tikkurila Road Marking Paint (Tie-ja Katumaali)
    Tikkurila Road Marking Paint (Tie-ja Katumaali)

    An extremely fast drying water-borne road marking paint formulated with a special acrylic resin. LUL APR No.4056.

    From £16.66 £13.88
  17. Tikkurila Rostex Super Akva Primer
    Tikkurila Rostex Super Akva Primer

    A quick drying water-based single pack anti corrosive primer for interior and exterior surfaces. LUL Approval No.2447.

    From £86.34 £71.95
  18. Tikkurila Solid WB-L
    Tikkurila Solid WB-L

    An easy-to-use paint for wooden and concrete floors in both residential and commercial premises.

    From £79.63 £66.36
  19. Tikkurila Temabond ST300
    Tikkurila Temabond ST300

    An ideal solution for maintenance painting of steel structures.

    From £117.76 £98.13
  20. Tikkurila Temacoat GPL
    Tikkurila Temacoat GPL

    A two pack topcoat especially for objects exposed to heavy abrasion and chemical attack.

    From £188.81 £157.34
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