About Teknos

Teknos GBI is a leading supplier of water-based paints for wood, metal and walls. Their paints are high-quality, low VOC, low odour and developed with sustainability in mind.

For over 25 years they have specialised in paints for factory finished joinery and now have strong following for their decorative range as well (TeknosPro). They also have a niche but growing market in coatings for other surfaces such as metals, concrete and tarmac. Established in the UK since 1991, Teknos GBI is part of Teknos, a global coatings company which has operations in more than 20 countries across Europe, Asia and the USA.

The Teknos Group has a unique history, experience and culture which are enshrined in the Teknos GBI approach. The company’s values of creativity, persistence and fairness, permeate all they do and they are on a mission for their paints to make the world last longer by protecting surfaces in a sustainable way.

Teknos paints are water-based and do not contain lead, chrome or other heavy metal additives. Their paints have low VOC levels, low to no odour and durable finishes. Their modern pigments disperse evenly through the paint and provide lasting colour that is fade resistant.

Teknos coatings are technically advanced and developed with sustainability in mind. They comply fully with European VOC emission standards and REACH regulations meaning that most TeknosPro paints are Toy Standard. Teknos manufacturing facilities hold IOS 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environmental certificates.

Developed for professional decorators, TeknosPro is a range of multi-surface decorative paints that are water-based, low odour and quick drying. The range includes specialist finishes for internal walls, metal and wood and is suitable for new build and maintenance projects. TeknosPro paints can be sprayed and they also have excellent flow for brush or roller application.

Key features include: high coverage internal wall finishes, wipe clean paints for kitchens and bathrooms, superior wood and metal finishes suitable for inside or outside use, translucent finishes to maintain the natural look of wood doors, stairs and floors, and specialist primers to seal and protect difficult or problem surfaces. To read our full Teknos paint review listings, view each individual product above.