Pride Crossings Paint – Rainbow Road Marking In Greenwich

Promain’s technical team were recently contacted by CL Roadmarkings Ltd to provide temporary rainbow Pride Crossings Paint for zebra crossings in Greenwich.

The Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich is currently supporting Pride Month with Pride Crossings replacing the standard zebra crossings. The new short term design draws inspiration from the Pride Flag. You can find the special edition crossings in Greenwich Town Centre, Woolwich and Plumstead.

Pride Crossing In Greenwich, London

Locations of the Pride Crossings

You can find one of the Greenwich crossings on College Approach. For Pride Month you will now find colourful rainbow stripes opposite the West Gates. This is the main entrance to The Royal Naval College.  

More Pride Crossings can be found on Thomas Street and Wellington Street Junction in Woolwich and Plumstead Station.

Specification For Pride Crossings

Back at the end of May, Tony from our technical team was asked to specify a short term paint for the zebra crossings. The contractor, CL Roadmarkings Ltd, required a tintable product that would be long lasting enough to survive London traffic for a month, but able to be removed once Pride Month had ended.

Initially, we looked at specifying a masonry paint – an unconventional approach but it coincided with the requirements of the specification. The product we initially proposed was Rust-Oleum Paracem. Paracem is tintable to a full range of shades. However, the actual painting needed to be done quickly with minimal disruption to road users. Unfortunately, Rust-Oleum Paracem’s drying time was far beyond the time restraints for the project.

Centrecoat ST1 Water Based Road Line Marking Paint

Centrecoat Water Based Line Marking Paint is a highly durable water based line marking paint. For example, it is suitable for use on asphalt, tarmac and concrete. Above all, this line marking paint is ideal for areas that require a fast return to service. The drying time is less than 5 minutes.

Centrecoat ST1 is suitable for lane lines, edge lines and centre lines on roads and carriageways. It is also ideal for symbols, legends and parking bays.

As highways standard we normally sell this paint in standard black, white, yellow and blue. We can however tint this paint to a huge range of RAL and BS shades.

  • Touch Dry: 15 minutes at 20°C
  • Rain Resistant: 40 minutes at 20°C
  • Through Dry For Traffic: 2 hours at 20°C
  • Drying times vary with actual conditions including film thickness, air movement, temperature and humidity

Tinted Pride Flag Rainbow Colours

Our tinted pride colours are the closest we can get to the Pride Flag colours. Most importantly, the final designs look really impressive!

Removal of the rainbow crossings will be shortly after London Pride Parade on 6 July 2019. The contractors will therefore return to remove the designs using high pressure water jets. Consequently, they will then reinstate the original highways approved zebra crossings.

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