How To Apply Sports Hall Line Marking Paint

As one of the most popular maintenance projects over the summer for schools during the holidays is how to paint line marking in sports halls. This is a common question our technical team regularly get asked.

There are various sports hall line marking companies out there, but this article will help you create or refresh your sports hall line marking cost effectively yourself. For approximately £75.00 you can refresh your sports hall line marking on a single badminton court.

Read on to find out more about the best practices, products and prices for sports hall line marking.

Promain’s Sports Hall Flooring Specification

Recently we had an enquiry from a customer who had been asked to renovate a sports hall floor. On close inspection the contractor raised concerned that the floor had a “spring” in it. Some sports hall floors are designed this way to reduce stress on users joints while carrying out sports activities.

With this in mind, the technical team at Promain suggested the use of the Flag HD Heavy Duty Elastomeric Floor Coating. Although this product is well known for it’s use on driveways, paths and even on warehouse floors, it offers excellent adhesion to timber substrates. Flag HD Elastomeric Floor Coating offers a natural slip resistance. This makes it an ideal product for fast paced indoor sports.

The line marking chosen was the Sports-Cote PU. The project in question only required line marking for 5-A-Side football and badminton. Our Sports-Cote Waterbased Polyurethane Line Paint is available in a range of standard colours making it ideal to differentiate between the court designs.

This was followed by 2 coats of Sports-Cote Diamond 2 Pack Water Based Floor Sealer. This floor varnish is not only suitable for wooden floors in sports halls such as badminton courts, basketball courts and squash courts but is regularly used in dance halls too. Available in 3 gloss levels – matt, satin or gloss.

Where to Start

Tools you might need for wooden or concrete substrates:

How To Prepare Your Sports Hall For Painting

Preparation is the most important stage when it comes to any painting project. The better preparation you perform, the greater adhesion and durability you receive from your coating.

The correct preparation for sports halls prior to painting depends on the type of floor you have. If the floor is wooden with existing lines that need refreshing, the best preparation is to remove the existing lines in full going back to pure wood minus any coating. We understand however that this full preparation is sometimes infeasible due to cost implications and time constraints.

Luckily, you can repaint existing lines with a compatible line marking paint. The water based polyurethane we introduce below offers unrivalled adhesion to new and painted surfaces. To prepare this, create a key on the existing lines with a suitable sandpaper. Follow up by a thorough vacuum / brush to remove all the loose debris.

Sports Hall Line Marking: The Base Coat

If you require a full “background” colour before application of new lines a base coat would be necessary. Bear in mind to choose a colour that will make it easy for users to see the edge of pitch marking in their activities. Typically, users prefer a pale grey or light blue. As explained above in our recent case study, we would recommend Flag HD Heavy Duty Elastomeric Floor Coating. Ensure to follow the Product Data Sheet to get the best quality and adhesion possible on your gym floor. We always recommend painting a inconspicuous test area first to ensure the paint is compatible with any previous coatings.

If however you would like to leave a wooden hall floor as is, read below to find out how to apply the gym hall lines.

How To Apply Sports Hall Line Marking Paint

Introducing Sports-Cote Water Based Polyurethane Line Paint

Sports Hall Floor LinesThis environmentally friendly, single pack line marking paint is an ideal solution for application to polymeric, wood, PVC and rubber substrates.

Sports-Cote Water Based Polyurethane will satisfy your health and safety requirements as it complies with the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and the All England Netball Association’s (AENA) current standards.

Sports-Cote Water Based Polyurethane Line Paint can be applied by brush or roller but ideally should be used in conjunction with some sort of line marking machine in order to achieve the best results.

Sports Hall Line Marking Colours

Unless you are a seasoned professional contractor or player, it may be confusing to know which colours signify each sport when it comes to line marking. Below we have produced a simple quick guide to explain which colours are used for which indoor sport.

These layouts include indoor football pitch marking, indoor tennis lines, basketball line marking, netball court design and more. They are suitable for basketball court markings as well as badminton court lines.

Sports Hall varnishes, paints and coatings can be found on our website here:

Applying The Sports Hall Varnish

If you are looking to keep your sports hall wooden floor uncoloured with just the lines visible you would still need a clear topcoat varnish sealer over the complete floor.

We recommend 2 coats of Sports-Cote Diamond 2 Pack Water Based Floor Sealer to finish off your floor. This varnish sealer is low odour, easy to apply and water based. It is not only suitable for wooden floors in sports halls such as badminton courts, basketball courts and squash courts but is regularly used in dance halls too. It is available in 3 gloss levels – matt, satin or gloss.

In Conclusion

Now you have a full quality system that will offer a safe environment for all users, while offering a cost effective solution no matter your budget!

Sports Hall Line Tape Vs Line Marking Paint

You may have researched into sports hall line marking tape before deciding on paint to provide your pitch marking lines. Gym floor line marking can be applied via tape or paint.

With the correct preparation, line marking paint is easier to apply than line marking tape internally as you do not require a line marking tape machine.

Do you require Promain’s technical team to specify a system for painting sports hall spaces? Contact us today on 01462 421333.

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