The Lost Art of Line Marking

Road markings in the UK are pivotal for the maintenance of safety. Line markings are there to ensure you are safe and quickly able to tell what you need to do. There are many ways to apply lines. You can use paint, MMA, thermoplastic, paint via draw-box or machine. There is incredible satisfaction of watching someone apply line marking. When line marking is made by a trained professional, it is almost an art form.

The Art of Line Marking

If you spend a few moments trawling YouTube, you will find a vast quantity of professionals hand painting line marking. For the average Joe, it can feel a bit overwhelming the idea of painting lines without any experience.

With so many systems and variations to use for line marking, it is mostly down to the skill of the user as to what they are able to use. Different paints or tapes have different features and benefits selected with the chosen material. High solid paints for example often yields a greater quality finish.

Have a look at this video to get an idea of just how skilled you need to be to understand the art of line marking. These contractors are using a draw-box and MMA. As it cures so quick you need someone to help pour as you drag the box. So both of you need to trust each others skill!

I’m Inexperienced…I Can’t Do That! So…Use a Stencil

And for those who still are looking for a high-quality finish but without the skill set to match there is still hope! You can use stencils to ensure that the laying of the paint is generally error proof. No embarrassing spelling mistakes or strange typography!

Promain offer a huge range of line marking stencils. The art of line marking is made child’s play with these. Promain offer A-Z, 0-9, and almost any logo you can think of. Whether you need a wheelchair design or electric car charging point we will have what you need.

…Or Use A Line Marking Machine

The adoption of machinery in the industry has also made the art of line marking symbols much easier. Promain can provide equipment for various spray systems. We also have basic machines that use sponges to roll out the paint. These are much like the ones you see painting local cricket and football pitch markings.

These machines have greatly improved the abilities of the lesser skilled contractor. With these machines any contractor can ensure they are able to deliver a great finish.

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