Zinga Specification: Twelvetrees Crescent Bridge

Promain regularly specify solutions for corrosion protection  throughout the UK. Our technical team daily specify systems for London Underground, Highways England and Network Rail. Below, we would like to introduce a project for the protection of a metal bridge. This was by using a Zinga specification for in situ cold galvanizing.

The Project

Twelvetrees Crescent Bridge is a Grade II Listed metal bridge in Canning Town North, London. The bridge spans the River Lea and Bow Creek which run alongside each other at this point. The original bridge incorporates Victorian architecture and features seven wrought-iron ribs. Wrought iron plates are also riveted to the flanks of the bridge. The bridge was originally built by Imperial Gas Light and Coke Co for access to their Gas Works.

Due to the age of the structure, first built in 1872, the metal bridge required renovation. This would be to ensure its use for years to come.

After extensive research, cold galvanising was chosen as the main metal finish topcoat. This brought a raw, self-finished, industrial aesthetic to the bridge and surrounding metalworks which reflected the history of the valley.

Introducing Zinga Cold Galvanizing

One of Promain’s flagship corrosion protection solutions is Zinga – a cold galvanizing paint. Benefiting from 96% zinc, this coating is ideal for application on site. Furthermore, it is ideal for awkward metalwork that cannot be hot dipped.

Upon preparing and applying correctly, Zinga can offer over 20 years corrosion protection in the harshest of environments. Zinga 96% Cathodic Protection Galvanizing Paint is ideal for the prevention of rust and degradation of critical infrastructure.

Cathodic protection is one of the most effective methods to prevent corrosion on a metal surface. You can find this type of protection on ships, off-shore facilities, and sub-sea equipment. You can also find cold galvanizing on pipelines and underground structures.


As with any paint system, preparation is always the most important part of the project. If you are trying to achieve a long-term corrosion protection system, you must avoid painting over rust and existing paint coatings.

To prepare for the initial application of Zinga 96%, the bridge required to be blast cleaned to Sa2.5 level of cleanliness. Blast cleaning is a process that is performed by professional contractors such as Gritblasting UK Limited. Gritblasting companies have the correct equipment, knowledge, and skill to ensure you get the best performance from any of the high performance coatings we offer.

Fully removing old coatings removes the element risk associated with a coating’s compatibility. You also do not need to have any reliance on a previous coating’s adhesion.

The Zinga Specification

To ensure a lifespan of up to 60 years, Zinga specified their Triplex system. The system consists of:

Visit the link below to download the full specification and details:


Consequently, by incorporating the mid-coats and topcoat within the Triplex system, the system’s lifespan can be sometimes extended up to 60 years in certain environments.

Zinga Specification Application Process

Initially, a brush applied stripe coat of Zinga 96% was applied on edges and brackets. This was after any sharp edges had been rounded off. After the stripe coat was ready to be overcoated, a full coat of Zinga 96% was applied.

In addition, the Zingalufer sealer coat was applied. Furthermore, the two mid-coats consist of one mist coat, followed by a full coat. Therefore, this provides the structure with an extra layer of protection. Finally, Zingerceram PU in the colour of choice is applied. Again, this is firstly via mist coat and then a full coat. When contractors apply Zingaceram PU by spray it provides a consistent finish.


Subsequently, do you require a Zinga specification for corrosion protection? Promain‘s manufacturer trained technical team are here to help from specification, to preparation and application. Simply contact our technical team today via our contact page or call us on 01462 421333.

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